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I've moved! I decided that I wanted to use a personal community rather than a separate journal as it's easier, so for my icons, graphics, fanfics, art and all sorts of other stuff, please visit becci_bakery.

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Hey hi. If you are viewing this entry, it's possibly because you've been directed here by me in realtion to this joint icon community I'm trying to start up. Basically, this is just where we'll get together, get to know each other a little, maybe throw around some ideas, until the community is actually started up.

Just thought I'd list our current iconists. They are:

Sooo... I'll start. I'm Becci, I'm 17, I live in England, just outside London. You can view my icons... in this journal.

Okay, who's up next?
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Just a quickie

Hello to whomever may read this,

No icons, just two quick notes...

Firstly, remember to keep checking the 100-icon-challenges, they're updated fairly sporadically...

Second - I now have an affiliates section ^^ Currently with two affiliates, __gunner and thursdays_greed. If you want to be one, comment somewhere on my journal, don't mind where :P

Lots of love,

Becci o_0


Haven't posted any icons in a while. For this, I apologise. I got inspired today, however, as I re-started Final Fantasy X. Oh, how I love that game. Also, a couple of other random things that I've made over the course of time.

[1] My Chemical Romance
[1] Batman Begins
[1] Final Fantasy VIII
[7] Final Fantasy X

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Comment and credit, please ^^

♥ Becci


Okay, I think it's about time I start posting some icons.

I'm just going to post my most recent ones at the moment, maybe I'll post some older ones up later...

[3] Finch
[2] FFX
[5] FFX-2
[1] FFIX
[1] Fredart

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Comment and credit, please ^^
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