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B. Young

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2/17/09 [22 Jan 2009|10:17am]

comment with address for a copy. thanks!
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favorite music, 2008 [21 Dec 2008|03:12pm]
My favorite music: 2008 / 2007 / 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003

This is only particularly notable in contrast to the last six years. Very interesting how your tastes can change so quickly.

Happy holidays.
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[13 Dec 2008|08:01pm]
Fürst Pückler.

If you want a good chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream, you can order a Fürst Pückler. They'll bring you an ice cream in three flavors, but not just any three flavors, only chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. That's a Fürst Pückler.

When Archimboldi left his sister, he went on to Hamburg, where he planned to catch a direct flight to Mexico. Since the flight didn't leave until the next morning, he went for a walk around a park he didn't know, a big park full of trees and little paved paths along which women strolled with their children and young people skated and every so often students rode on bicycles, and he sat on the terrace of a bar, a terrace quite a distance from the bar itself, almost in the middle of the woods, and he began to read and ordered a sandwich and a beer and paid for them, then he ordered a Fürst Pückler and paid for it because on the terrace one had to pay immediately for anything one had.

The only other person there was three tables away (wrought-iron tables, heavy, elegant, and probably hard to steal), a gentleman of advanced age, though not as old as Archimboldi, reading a magazine and sipping a cappuccino. As Archimboldi was about to finish his ice cream, the gentleman asked whether he'd liked it.

"I did," said Archimboldi, and he smiled.

Drawn or encouraged by this friendly smile, the gentleman got up from his chair and sat down one table away.

"Allow me to introduce myself," he said. "My name is Alexander Fürst Pückler. The, how shall I say, creator of this ice cream," he said, "was a forebear of mine, a very brilliant Fürst Pückler, a great traveler, an enlightened man, whose main interests were botany and gardening. Of course, he thought, if he ever thought about it at all, that he would be remembered for some of the many small works he wrote and published, mostly travel chronicles, though not necessarily travel chronicles in the modern sense, but little books that are still charming today and, how shall I say, highly perceptive, anyway as perceptive as they could be, little books that made it seem as if the ultimate purpose of each of his trips was to examine a particular garden, gardens sometimes forgotten, forsaken, abandoned to their fate, and whose beauty my distinguished forebear knew how to find amid the weeds and neglect. His little books, despite their, how shall I say, botanical trappings, are full of clever observations and from them one gets a rather decent idea of the Europe of his day, a Europe often in turmoil, whose storms on occasion reached the shores of the family castle, located near Gorlitz, as you're likely aware. Of course, my forebear wasn't oblivious to the storms, no more than he was oblivious to the vicissitudes of, how shall I say, the human condition. And so he wrote and published, and in his own way, humbly but in fine German prose, he raised his voice against injustice. I think he had little interest in knowing where the soul goes when the body dies, although he wrote about that too. He was interested in dignity and he was interested in plants. About happiness he said not a word, I suppose because he considered it something strictly private and perhaps, how shall I say, treacherous or elusive. He had a great sense of humor, although some passages of his books contradict me there. And since he wasn't a saint or even a brave man, he probably did think about posterity. The bust, the equestrian statue, the folios preserved forever in a library. What he never imagined was that he would be remembered for lending his name to a combination of three flavors of ice cream. That I can assure you. So what do you think?"

"I don't know what to think," said Archimboldi.

"No one remembers the botanist Fürst Pückler now, no one remembers the model gardener, no one has read the writer. But everyone at some moment has tasted a Fürst Pückler, which is best and most pleasing in spring and fall."

"Why not in summer?" asked Archimboldi.

"Because in summer it can be cloying. Ices are best in summer, not ice cream."

Suddenly the park lights came on, although there was a second of total darkness, as if someone had tossed a black blanket over parts of Hamburg.

The gentleman sighed, he must have been about seventy, and then he said:

"A mysterious legacy, don't you think?"

"You're right, I do," said Archimboldi as he got up and took his leave of the descendant of Fürst Pückler.

Soon afterward he left the park and the next morning he was on his way to Mexico.
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EP [14 Sep 2008|12:40pm]
hey guys!
so over the last two months or so, i've been writing/recording/etc., in hopes of finally tricking myself into creating an actual album, something i've never had enough patience to do. well, i'm getting there, but in the meantime, i have an EP all set and done and ready to give you.

it's a little different than you may be expecting from me, as most of the things i've created in my short life have been singer-songwritery or some variation on that. i've barely listened to anything in the last few months that was created on an actual instrument, so i think that probably will show.

if you want a copy, it's all yours for the very reasonable price of FREE. you can do one of two things, either send me a SASE (preferred option, as you'll get a physical copy of the cd which is always better), or i can (digitally) send it to you, whether that means FTPing or zipping or something, your choice. i really am just looking to get opinions/preferences as the way this is received will probably affect the way the album comes out.

1. Out of Gilead
2. Haldimand On
3. You get so alone at times
4. Waltz (For Coney Island)

Listen to trcks 2 and 3 here:

thanks guys!!
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this is getting out of hand. [14 Aug 2008|02:15pm]
I wasn't going to mention this, but my former WECB-mate Michael Angelakos is getting famous. Like, in ten months, this guy will be certifiably rock-star famous. His "band", Passion Pit, was featured in the Boston Herald, The New York Times, Pitchfork Media, etc, etc, all in the last two weeks. He's opening for RJD2 tonight in MA.

It's weird seeing someone you know given the blog treatment, is it not? The music is really, really good. Check it out before you can't avoid it!

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Music saved my life #7 [22 Jun 2008|05:42pm]
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[12 Jun 2008|09:21pm]
today was my last day. i start monday at npr.

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I wrote music [18 May 2008|04:31pm]
30 Songs | 30 Days

Hello friends and colleagues,

My name is Bryan. I've been a music lover since I can remember, but I haven't been performing / composing any music since I moved to Brooklyn. I've devised this scheme (it is a scheme) to try and coax myself into recording more regularly. Here is the premise of this site.

I will record and post one song a day for thirty days, starting May 4th (ending June 2nd).
The song must have at least two elements (i.e. voice and guitar, guitar and thumb drum, etc.)
All sound may only be recorded through one SM-57 omnidirectional microphone.
The song may only be recorded onto three tracks -- that is, very limited overdubbing.
The song must be imagined, recorded and bounced in 60 minutes.
The tracks must be completed in one take.
All sound must be produced using acoustic guitar, thumb drum, voice or banging on things (or any of these patched through the few pedals I own, among them vibrato and delay).
Thank you for your help. Enjoy.
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Music saved my life #4 [17 Mar 2008|09:37pm]
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[09 Mar 2008|07:48pm]
does anybody read live journal anymore? just curious.
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[06 Jan 2008|01:41pm]

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life update [16 Sep 2007|12:21pm]
- fall is coming, can't wait
- endless searching for full-time job, lots of interviews, nothing yet, "too young"
- starbucks killing me slowly
- dinner with jon barron in the village, remembering newton stuff
- not talking to carlos d
- lots of great new music (first time since summer 05): jens lekman, caribou, etc.
- getting into old stuff too: the jam, dead kennedys, more wire
- going to ireland in october to see the fam
- sister is at college in baltimore. weird!
- today is the flatbush frolic and all of you brooklynites should go. i helped build a stage! like, with nails and stuff! so go at the least to see my carpentry accomplishments.
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[24 Aug 2007|09:35am]
dear friends:

life is good. i'm writing to you because my good friend michael guerra has invited me to be a guest dj at his art exhibition tomorrow. i was already planning on going because of how awesome it's going to be, so this is just sweet.

details/why you should come:
When: Saturday, August 25th (tomorrow), 8:00PM-?
Where: Texas Firehouse, 36-29 Vernon Blvd., Long Island City (G from Brooklyn, E from the city)
Free: Admission, Music, Drinks
Artists: Nicole Christian, Melissa Diaz, Tim Warner, Danny Coeyman, Towhead, Lisa Wicka
Bands: HolaDios, The Mood
DJs: Dennis M, Cris, E Prime, Funkmasta B

michael is a wonderful person and artist and even though 95% of you don't know him and therefore have no reason to support him...it'll be a good time. lots of absinthe and starland vocal band shout-outs.

message me with questions!
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Shearwater - "Palo Santo" [05 Aug 2007|02:51pm]

this is my favorite thing i've heard this year. what have you guys been digging this summer? recommend me some new stuff, i'm so behind.

i should be at mccarren pool right now. i'm so lazy.
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[01 Jun 2007|11:57am]
i accidentally stabbed myself with a screwdriver. there was lots of blood. i thought i was dying.
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update 12/06 [13 Dec 2006|02:30am]
i had my first red bull pretty much ever tonight. i wanted to go to sleep two hours ago. dammit.
life is crazy, etc. starbucks constantly, finals this week. my last college class ever is on tuesday. i'm graduating on december 19th.
i'm done with radio. i think ever. not sure what's next. maybe nyc, non-profit work, etc.
my dog has cancer, though not as bad as initially thought. i stayed up with him all night a few weeks ago because i thought he was going to die. i think we caught it early enough so that's good.
alex comes home on saturday so i'm pretty much ecstatic. just have to make it til then.
i usually do an in-depth end-of-year countdown but a) i'm overworked and b) not enough good came out this year so i'll stick to the following:
my 20 favorite albums of 2006, in alphabetical order, in haiku formCollapse )
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[21 Nov 2006|03:30pm]
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update [22 Sep 2006|05:15pm]
1. i'm leaving for london wednesday morning. i'm planning on staying there for six days, but who knows, maybe i won't come back.

2. the joys of cheap vinyl: $20 for miles davis - in a silent way, elvis costello & the attractions - imperial bedroom and the jam - in the city. now if i could only find a used copy of that billy bragg album i've been lusting after, as well as iggy pop's the idiot (only intrigued after reading about how it was the last thing ian curtis heard, long story).

3. new beck arrived in the mail today, i encourage all of you to go pick it up when it comes out (i think tuesday). it's crazy rhythms.

4. mark's back and i have the night off. nothing better than an afternoon to yourself and a nighttime with tales from the west coast and a six pack of guinness.

enjoy all you've got, kids, for soon, we'll be in retirement homes.
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[12 Sep 2006|12:31pm]
this man is the love of my life.


(ha ha hax0r)
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[09 Sep 2006|12:03pm]
so i'm safe and sound in somerville. i'm living with my good friend mark and ad frank. and for the time being, eric donohue and thom-pat are crashing wherever there's a couch. initially i was a little sketched out by the prospect of a mystery 35 year old surveyor carrying a banjo and a pink rabbit head around our apartment, but he is, quite simply, the sweetest human being. he took me out for dinner and made my bed when i fell asleep watching "me you and everyone we know". as for ad, he just got back from bermuda where he apparently spent a week with his mother and a bunch of "retarded jewish kids". just like i expected, i'm the "kid" and the one everyone makes fun of when my phone rings with a beach boys ringtone. what else do you expect from a house full of guys who spend most of their free time sitting on the porch, smoking, drinking schlitz and talking about rue mclahanahan porn?

alex left for london on august 29th. i've seen her apartment thanks to this incredible invention known as a camera. it's the kind of place people probably pay a million a year for. i miss her terribly, but it's the kind of experience you can't pass up, even if it sucks to be away. and plus, i'll be there for my 21st birthday in october.

the last two weeks have been very tough. i wouldn't have been able to do it without phone calls from alex and elvis costello & the attractions - get happy!!. thanks guys.

EDIT: i'd like to see the boston debut of rhys chatham's essentialist tonight at mass art if i can. anybody interested in joining me? details here.
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