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oh and ps:

fuck everyone?
yes yes.
shopping spree calling?
yes yes mothafucka.

it's cool it's cool.
tomorrow and saturday are gonna kick ass.
hip hip fucking hooray for being irish.

i should go to bed.
i was supposed to write an essay tonight.
but i'm too druuunk.


ps i hate listening to people whine about how much they loooove their boyfriend and neeeed them. it's annoying. i don't need anyone. neither do you! :DDDDDDDD

"women say: pull out now."

Today I went to Washington DC to protest the war.

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It was really awesome. So many people. So so many. I was surprised. On the way home, they said that there was an estimated 200,000 people in DC for the rally and march. I'd never been to DC before, and I enjoyed it. Plus, it was a gorgeous day. 52 degrees and sunny, which is a nice little break from the snowy days with -10 degree wind chills. The only thing that sucked was the bus ride. Four and a half hours. Coach buses make me sick.

Hmm. So right now I'm exhausted. We got up at 5am. That is not something I do. Sleep would be an option, but at the moment I'm trying to drown out the group of probably twenty drunk girls who are all singing in unison the most irritating songs in existance. Shut the fuck up.

We met a really cute kid on the trip today. His name's Nick, he goes to Duquesne too, and is a sophomore. I didn't care too much until he said he had a car on campus. That made me want to jump on him. No one has a car on this campus because it costs an assload. Vroom vroom.

I just reread my post from last night. I was having a moment. That was ridiculous and now I want to delete it, but I suppose I don't care that much.

I'll post more protest pictures later when Megh Jess and Jen put theirs online. They have better ones than I do. My camera is on the verge of suicide. Sending it in to be fixed for $110 isn't very appealing. And so I weep.

ATTENTION DRUNK GIRLS IN MY HALL: No, please. Do not "save a horse and ride a cowboy." Spare the fucking cowboys. I'm sure none of them want to deal with your slutty drunk asses. While you're at it, spare the horses too. Just have about 15 more shots so you'll pass out and I won't have to listen to you anymore.
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dont come back

Day two of classes. Not bad. Weird teachers, but good classes. There is really nothing to do around here. I'm unfortunately a shy, seemingly antisocial girl. It's not that I don't like to socialize, it's just that when I don't have anything to do, it's much easier for me to go up to my dorm, shut the door, and turn on the iPod than it is for me to go meet people and find something to do. Hopefully it'll just take time.

I already have plans to go home this weekend, along with a number of my other friends who are all away at different colleges and universities. I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad idea. Good because I want to see all of them. Bad because I am only further delaying my socialization process here at Duquesne.

I'll probably chill out and read for the rest of the night. I bought Charmed Thirds at the bookstore on campus. That will probably be my book of choice over The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. Fuck that...

...what a nice college attitude I have.

Scott left for basic today. He's at a layover now, about to get on his plane to Texas. I'm ashamed to know this, since I really should be shunning him for his dickheadedness. That's easier said than done. Fortunately I'll be forced not to talk to him for 6 weeks. I hope to god I get over him by the time he comes back and have no desire to talk to him. That bastard.
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