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wow. this month really isnt my month.
to start off me and andrew are on a break for a while. i dont know whats wrong with me lately. im constantly thinking i am over it. i cant do this anymore blah blah..and then when i see him, i get this huge smile & it wont go away!what the fuck is that? or sometimes, when i am around him i am a bitch, and when he tries to touch me i get all weird(not all the time, but..)i told my dads girlfriend and she said it could be one of two things..either, i dont like him anymore ORwe just need some time apart. i think its that one. cause i know, i still love him; obviously, but i dont know. its really weird. last night we kinda got into and i told him i never wanted to talk to him again, and that i was serious,and he called like 2x's last night and i was so proud of myself, i answered and said i couldnt talk and hung up. it took alot to do that! i know it doesnt sound like much, but its a big step for me. well i guess he didnt get it cause today he was waiting for me before school by my class..i ended up talking to him for a few minutes. he kept telling me to kiss him and everything. its like i wanted to, but i cant always think that im always gonna be there! i have to somehow get it across to him that one day, im just gonna be gone. and that he needs to start taking my feelings more seriously. today wasnt too bad, only went to school for about 3 hrs. just to take my 1&2pd finals. then tomorrow i dont have to be at school till 11, so i can take my 3&4th period finals. im so excited this semester is almost over:)

well...i think im gonna go.
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