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This is for the newer people on flist: as you can probably tell, I never update. Doesn't mean that I am never on LJ (quite the opposite), but it's because I have a different livejournal: devilyouwere. That is my RL journal (this is mainly my fandom journal, where much squeeing ensues) - it's mainly about what happens in my life and sometimes, fandom leaks in. So, if you want, you can friend me there.

This is for the fans of my fanfiction: all fanfiction is over at 1shotjunkie. I don't write much fanfiction anymore, since I'm getting more into original fiction (which can be found here: omgcapslocks not much there, but i'm working on an original full-length story just for the comm). Also, for all those stories that I've never finished (i.e. - Dean/Jo fic, Jared/Jensen futurefic) - I'm really sorry, but my brain just says no. :(

To those older friends on my flist: some of you aren't on my new journal! It's quit saddening, since it seems like I've fallen off the face of the planet. Friend, yes?

This journal might be a little more active when my shows start again (Supernatural, House MD, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Heroes), so you can stay friended here.

But I must go because my head is feeling really weird and my eyes are twitching out. >.< I think there's something wrong with me, lol.
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He Sleeps In The Ruins

He Sleeps In the Ruins
Fandom: SPN/RPS crossover
Summary: It’s over and there’s nothing left but ghosts to haunt Sam.
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Sam/Jensen, implied Sam/Dean; Christian Kane, OCs
Word Count: ~23,280
Warnings: slash (male/male), sexual scenes, mild scenes of touching in the no-no places by evil persons, mild violence and scenes of torture, mildly midly implied incest
Notes: AU – Jensen never filmed Supernatural/Supernatural was never made.

( There are minutes when he can see right, where it all comes into focus and there is this one moment when noise bursts in the door and he has to look up. And he’s there. Like he never left at all. )
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Head over to rps_spn_fic, where they are having their first fic challenge. I've joined myself (submitting Sam/Jensen Fic of Epic). The challenge is really cool: deadline is September 1st, so get going. *cracks whip* It's very general, so just run with it.

It will be a great time for all, trust me.

PLUS. Friend the comm and stuff. Because I said so.

ps, if you write for this challenge, consider it a birthday present to me since the due date is so close to my birthday. XD
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i come here mainly to bitch

Stuff like this pisses me off. Kate tells me not to worry about it, but when the same ten or so people get all the attention, yeah, I am bound to get pissed off. And I am sick of pretending that it doesn't make me mad.

It's not that I am bound and determined to eliminate them all and become this big huge fanfic writer - God, I can only hope for something more. But I am sick of everyone just picking all their fics when you have so many other talented writers. And that pretty much applies in all writing. Sorry, but Hemmingway and Steinbeck suck, the end.

I would name off all the people and all the stories I despise, but I don't want to stir up shit again. I'm in high school right now - I don't need any more immature drama in my life. But I thought I should just say this because I'm sick of seeing it everywhere.
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tv shows

Is anyone else watching Hidden Palms this summer? Yes, it's a teen drama and I watch too many of those already, but hullo, they are the sweetest guilty pleasure and I'm not afraid to admit I follow the One Tree Hill plot line religiously. I worship Peyton Sawyer, so sue me.

But yes, new Hidden Palms tonight! *claps* I'm thinking that Eddie did NOT commit suicide - my guess is that Greta was dating said Eddie and since we saw a little bit of a violent Cliff in the first episode, that Cliff did something to Eddie out of jealousy. But then again, I love that kind of stuff. And some of the reviewers are right - the plot line is weak and the Pilot was tedious and drawn out, but I need something to fill the time. Seriously.

ANNNNNDDD, One Tree Hill finale tonight! *DOES A JIG* OTHers, you excited or what?! Even if Dan isn't killed, YAY LUCAS!! And Mark, I kinda adore you and your cute in a freaky, hobo type of way, but Karen fainting? *shakes head* Sorry. Just, no.

Anyone tuning into Gossip Girl? I've read all the books and anything to do with weird love triangles and decent looking actors, I'm so there. And I am insanely obsessed with those extreme lifestyles of wealthy whatevers and young celebs (not so much the drugs, but the material goods, the wicked twists of love and sex, and just their hilarious form of seriousness on life): I admit, I love My Super Sweet Sixteen (mostly to gawk at the idiots) and Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar has been one of my favorite book series (I would love to read The A-List and The It Girl), so I'm very much into that twisted lifestyle. It's addicting and I just love the glamour, though I am a very simple girl in rl.

It seems I like the shows that are most critiqued. Go me! But I do love House and Arrested Development, so it can't be all that bad, right? And what the fuck do I care what 40-year-old critiques think? Even my friends, for that matter? Not saying your opinions don't matter to me, but I'm going to watch/read/listen to whatever the hell I want and I don't need some guy who sits on his couch all day watching shows aimed at teens to tell me what and what not to watch.

I do like things with deeper plots. I like intricate details and shows with subtle, satirical humor. I like those "real" characters, where they face real problems and where the writing is so great that you are just awed at it. But I also want to sit down at the end of the day and I want a show that I can watch about stupid teenagers in situations that are so unreal that you think "Well, that could happen." I want to watch 20-somethings put themself back in high school and run through plots that really do only happen in story books. I love it. I don't want to always fill my head with something bigger and deeper and more meaningful. I'm not going to do something that I don't do on a regular basis, even though I would like to be more "literate" and all that. I'm just not and I don't get half of the pop culture references and allusions in all these drawn out stories I read, but it's okay. I live in the middle of nowhere and I love watching the tension between Karen, Dan and Lucas in One Tree Hill and how everyone knows themselves better than teens really do and how much crap goes on, you wonder how they even make it through a year without thinking of committing suicide (more often).

It's better than Smallville any day.

So. There. Here's my fall (and summer) line-up:

One Tree Hill
Hidden Palms
House MD
So You Think You Can Dance (there's no Travis Wall, but I think I'll survive)
Gossip Girl
Heroes (and Heroes: Origins)

Now, I'm off to take pictures of my farm for Media tomorrow and then I'm going to get a huge glass of grape juice and ice and enjoy Hidden Palms and One Tree Hill. *nods*
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fanfiction update, =D

So, this is my fanfiction update, for those of you who read my stuff.

For those of you who have read Fast Forward, Rewind, I know I haven't updated at all and I feel horrible, BUT, I have found Part 3 (I thought I had deleted it). So, hopefully this summer, I will sit my butt down and finish it. Hopefully. It's not a for sure, but keep your eyes open just in case!

Faithful readers of my Dean/Jo WIP - never fear! As some of you read, I have decided to take a break from writing this month (but I have cheated and am working on an original script). I am still thinking of you guys and the fic, though it has kind of lost it's place in the OMG, DO NOW portion of my brain. But it will be back! Part 3 will be posted as soon as I'm done with exams (no later than June 27)

Aha: for those of you who read my Sam/Jensen RPS/SPN x-over teaser a month or so back, I have news for you. The little baby of 7,000 words has now sprouted into a raging 15,000 and still growing. *g* I'm pretty sure it will be posted by the end of summer, if I keep working at the pace I am going. I will post another teaser soon - right now, my laptop is too far away.

I think that's all! XD Thanks for reading!

ps, I'm still willing to add people to my personal journal: devilyouwere!
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am i the only one?

Is anyone else dying to get their hands of the Season 2 DVDs for Supernatural? Seriously, I need them. September is way too far away: I hate waiting for three things. DVDs, new season of Supernatural and my birthday (but I bet I'm getting the DVDs for my birthday again because they come out three days after said date).

I want to be doing something productive in the creative sense, but I've been struggling through history notes for two hours and ajfga;kkjsflaksf, GRAGH.
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fanfiction hiatus.


So, yes, for those of you on my flist who read my fanfiction (more specifically, my Dean/Jo WIP), I am going to be taking a month or so break since it's my last month of school and it become very packed and very stressful. Plus, my parents are seeding (bah, farmers) so it's even more ahf;ahfa;fs. Anyway, I will continue writing in my spare time, but I expect not to update until the end of June. Summer, party whoo!

Au revior, dear readers. *kisses* ♥