god, my leg hurts

this is awesome
i did it once before and it takes forever but i did it again
because it's so fun ...
do it now.

1) Opening credits: the postal service "natural anthem"
2) Dreaming about someone scene: VAST "flames"
3) Waking up scene: coldplay "beautiful world"
4) Happy friends scene: azure ray "displaced"
5) Driving scene: pinback "penelope"
6) Action/fight scene: the dandy warhols "horse pills"
7) Chase scene: pulp "like a friend" / hot hot heat "touch you, touch you"
8) Happy love scene: cranberries "dreams"
9) Mellow scene: radiohead "idioteque"
9a) Choreographed Dance Scene: the velvet teen "counting backward" / elastica "2:1"
10) Sex scene: DMB "crash" it's all i could think of
11) Angry/bitter scene: deftones "be quiet and drive"
12) Breakup scene: okkervil river "kansas city"
13) Evil/Revenge scene: deftones "digital bath"
14) Contemplation scene: pinback "june"
15) Sad/breakdown scene: counting crows "time and time again" / cranberries "how"
16) Death scene: sigur ros "hun jord"
17) Funeral scene: radiohead "pyramid song"
18) Nostalgia scene: interpol "untitled"
19) Closing credits: the smashing pumpkins "today"

last night was fucking horrid, as way the night before so tonight better be a whole lot of fucking fun.
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just a snapshot of what life is like in my family:

my family:

"chelsea's a pirate!!" - logan
"you guys, can you get them out of here? i'm trying to read my book." - chelsea
"Why, cause you're a pirate!?!?" - lauren
"you guys, come out here. come help dad work on his battleship." - duane
"Mom's on heroin, aren't you mom." - gerald
"Whaaat, gerald? speak up, i can't hear from my left ear" - martha
"December 21st, Kansas city. Family meets at hotel for early Christmas gathering." - Rustin
"Rustin, get that thing away from me. RUSTIN, I'M SERIOUS." - chelsea
"I said that YOU'RE ON HEROIN, AREN'T YOU MOM." - gerald
"ohhhh, my doctor said that .. my doctor said i should -- chelsea, what're you doing?"
"i'm gonna go get something to eat." - chelsea
"WHAT??? You can't eat now, we're leaving at 5" - martha
"seven." - duane
"...i'm gonna go play pacman." - raynee
"Did you take those pills i left on your bed, duane?" - janis
"i thought those were for me!" - ronda
*long silence*
"cigarette, anyone?" - janis

two hours later

"Did Rustin give you one of these poem packets he made?" - gerald
"No, he didn't. I'm trying to read my book, dad, hold on." - chelsea
*throws poem packet at me*
"Okay, read this later and tell me what it says, will ya?" - gerald

i swear to god this is a true story.
if you know me, you know i'm not lying.