when i am queen i will insist with perfect scars upon my wrists

that everything you once held dear is taken away from you<3

and i love the way you're reaching for a gun
30 January
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made by mandaxjean

i like punk røck. i like bøys with weird eyes. i like drugs. i like passiøn. i like playing my cards wrøng. i like vinyl. i like tø feel guilty før being a white american female. i løve tø sleep. i like tø taunt small barking døgs in parked cars. i like tø make peøple feel happy and superiør in their reactiøn tøwards my appearance. i like tø have strøng øpiniøns with nøthing tø back them up but my primal sincerity. i like sincerity. i lack sincerity.

sweet like [ candy ] to my soul
sweet you r o c k
sweet you r o l l
lost for you; i'm so lost for you.

did you know that you are the boy
that made me hate g r e e n eyes

i got my blinkies at
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give me the beat boys
and free my soul
i wanna get lost
in your rock & roll
and drift a w a y

like my favourite record, your a little overplayed

and like my favourite summer, you'll never fade away

id love to get inside your head and pick apart your thoughts

or just find out why they never contain me

i hope your conscious eats you and tears you away

so you can then own up to this mess you have made

i now know why they say you fall in love,

cause ive never fallen so hard as when i first met you

i try to fall out of love for all that you do

but your so perfect to such delicate eyes

and im just a wreck behind such a clever disguise

i could happily pretend that things did never change

...but something tells me you kinda like it this way

You're something beautiful
A contradiction
I wanna play the game
I want the friction

butterflies in the tummy and hearts skipping beats..that can't be safe.

And I know that you're a sucker for anything acoustic.

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