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Things are a bit different with me and josh
i can't get over it.
Okay seriously my friend Ben, should stop talking about crapping his pants.
I have driving at 6 today.
I can't wait to get my hair cut

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So yeah, I couldn't sleep until like 3am. I was talking to Chase.
So I woke up this morning at like 8 to straighten my hair (which I found a new haircut for and I am sticking to this one)
& I get a text messege from Chase and all it says is "I like you <3"
haha, cute. It made me smile.
He is wonderful
but anyways I am going to call Josh
but maybe he is sleeping? hmm idk
i want to speak to heeem.


I just want to know who in their right mind would make a LJ s.n like, Killa_Cunt?

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I have some greiving news...On Monday, August 29th...school starts ='[, Yes I know it hurts. UGSDLF dammit Oh well at least I had a good summer up until now. So last night I FINALLY saw Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Wow. I love that movie so much I am going to buy it when it comes out, Josh loved it too =] Awsome movie. So I am not really doing anything today except going to see my dad and stuff yep. So I finally decided how I want my hair for my birthday, (july 29th). So yeah here are some pictures when I got bored. enjoy.bye

Hung out with Brandon after I had a serious talk how everyone finds it annoying when you have a cell phone and you NEVER EVER have it on, he has learned his lesson and if anyone else does it, they should too.

I met a new boy named Chase, gosh he is awsome <3333333

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Ello. Soooo I got my segement 1 paper/license oh boy,lol. I am so good at driving, baleed dat. I was going to go see Charlie and the chocolate factory yesterday, but it was sold out, so today? I got into a fight with Josh. He called me a Slut. He's making up for it now by buying me something, either shoes, or the Roseanne season 1 dvd.

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I got my camera =]
I have some pictures.
I heart my camera.
I drove today, it was pretty okay. I shouldn't be so nervous. I just have to learn when to break and when to press on the fucking gas lol.
anyways nothing really going on. It's hot,lord.
I want it to rain.
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new layout
So yesterday I went over Megans.
I pierced the center of my ear
It's pretty damn awsome looking.
Then we went to go see Fantastic 4. That movie is awsome.
Today I did nothing, Tomorrow I get my digital camera =]=]=]xazillion!
I am dying my hair ONCE MORE haha Yeah I know
I am LEAVING the black on top of my head and dying the underneath a reddish/brown.
I start driving Wednesday
Anyways have a awsome free slurpee day

I went to 7-11. NO FREE SLURPEE
&the stupid mountain dew one exploded on me because the guy is to much of a jackass to put up the Out of order sign...so I got pina colada....whatta shit prank for 711 to put on us...
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Hello. Okay I'll just update and leave.Friday I went to Downtown Plymouth, it was allright. Yesterday Megan and I went to her fathers office, cleaned, went out to lunch, went to the mall. I bought, August, the perfume from Hollister (god that smells so good). I bought a shirt, bracelets, and Megan bought me earrings. Then we went home, chilled went to Buddy's. We sat on the front porch and I called people. I called Josh, Richard, Ryan lol. Told him all about my butt and his white monster. Today I am getting my hair did,Yeah i'm super black. I am getting blonde in a circle on my head kind of were all the hair falls on top but not like highlights but it's going to be done in a circle way.I get my CAMERA tuesay, so I will have to show it. Anyways, I am out of here.


I did the hair.....lmfao yeah Okay I'm dying it back to black tonight and never touching it myself ever again...
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Happy 4th of July. this means 25 more days till my birthday. 16, with a car. Yeah my step dad said he will buy me a car! yay. So yeah they leave tomorrow I get 50 dollars which is way awsome, and I am helping Megan clean her fathers office soon and we usually get like 20-30 dollars each so thats like 70-80 right there. I am shopping,lol. yawn. My hair is ugh. I feel ugh. I need a shower, tomorrow. Washing hair every day makes your hair more greasier faster. ANYWAYYYYYSS. I'm gone. Adios. Maybe I'll go to a movie tonight. idk.



My finger hurts from sparking the stupid ass lighter from the fireworks lol.
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man i'm bored


Tuesday my step dad and mom leave for like 3-4 days. So I will be the man and or women of the house. Party anyone? lol. This will be fun, I probably won't end up burning the house, crashing the house, tearing the walls down and rebelling by spray painting bad ass on the walls but at least I get cash to be home alone which means fuck buying it on food, lol, shopping! lol...jp. Well sort of. =] Because whether it's food or whatnot it's still SHOPPING ;]. I'll probably have dinner w/ Megan tonight. Peace out bitches. Hopefully I get my digital camera this week
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Didn't do much today either.

Woke up

went to class

I start driving the 13th.oh boy.Yeah I know.

Came home

Went to the library

Went to the mall

Bought 8gauge posts.

Came home


Straightened hair

Thats it.

man my life sucks sometimes.


9:52pm I just sneezed all over the screen