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I was supposed to go swimming today. That didn't work. It rained. Me, My mother and Megan all went to the mall. I bought me a tank top with stars on it, a brown shirt that says A. Eagle and a pink zip up hoodie from American Eagle. I bought a bra too. I came home and Megan ate. I tried to eat, but I don't know I just got so nauseas I don't know what the hell is happening to me. I think I do...but, o well. I do worry in the back of my mind. But not about the situation...about the outcome in the end. More then half of me is delighted, 99.9% even. Then there is that .1% that is were the worrying comes in. I think I will be okay though. I think so. I just don't know why all of a sudden this phobia has come...

Anyways Megan and I were supposed to see a movie. It was sold out. We went to the book store and had starbucks. Then came home and yeah my baby nephew is spending the night while my step brother goes to one of his friends bachelor parties.
I know, and allow that I'm slowly losing grip on reality

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