July 17th, 2005

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I have some greiving news...On Monday, August 29th...school starts ='[, Yes I know it hurts. UGSDLF dammit Oh well at least I had a good summer up until now. So last night I FINALLY saw Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Wow. I love that movie so much I am going to buy it when it comes out, Josh loved it too =] Awsome movie. So I am not really doing anything today except going to see my dad and stuff yep. So I finally decided how I want my hair for my birthday, (july 29th). So yeah here are some pictures when I got bored. enjoy.bye

Hung out with Brandon after I had a serious talk how everyone finds it annoying when you have a cell phone and you NEVER EVER have it on, he has learned his lesson and if anyone else does it, they should too.

I met a new boy named Chase, gosh he is awsome <3333333

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