June 16th, 2005

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Megan picked me up and me and her went to her house and we had lunch and watched Scary Movie 2. We fell asleep and I woke up and I kept falling back asleep so she took me home so I could sleep. My sister woke me up. I'm writing this and Megan keeps sticking shit down my cleavage. cute. Apparently I have my whole life down there. lol. Megan picked me up again and I got money and me and her went to Target and I got hair dye, this shit totally turned some of my hair white so I'm trying a new dye. Then me and her went to Red Robin and I had fries, they give you endless refills of fries, thats kind of disgusting. Most restaurants will give you refills of pop for free here they give you as much fries as you want thats nasty. Then me and her went to this BIG BIG dollar store. I stole a necklace, I'm a clepto lol. Then we are here now listening to Bright eyes. Tomorrow me and her are going swimming in Ann Arbor.
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    Bright Eyes-Lua