June 14th, 2005

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IT'S THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL!!!! So I took finals, o yay!. Half day so Megan picked me up dropped me off at home. Idk maybe I'll go get a coffee w/ her later. I'll probably have and edit on this later, I'm waiting for the pictures from my phone to be e-mailed to me. Dum De dum. So I am driving Josh about my new camera. I'm not allowed to say anything to him...what he dosn't know is I'll say it all right here haha. Man I love to tick him off. So I'm doing nothing,except sitting here drinking lemon water. So fucking borrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnngggg. Today I allow myself nothing. lol.Billy made me feel happy today (FHSjvFoOtBaLL63: carmen u looked really cute today ) and I thought wow I love him. I wish he could try out for varsity football this year but he has work.It was cute when he was on JV this year. Well I'm going to get going. Edit this later with pictures.

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