June 10th, 2005

(no subject)

I came home early from school. I was out of it. Mrs. Smith is a hoe bag man. She wanted me to play this stupid review game that NO ONE wanted to fucking play, when all I wanted to do was either Sleep and then read my damn book, Perfect. Megan bought it for me yesterday. Thanks doll. So yesterday I did 150 JJ and 250 SC's I had around 45c's and probably 0-1 gof. So good for me. However Today to keep everything in balance I had 355c and 0gof. So it's all good in my hood,lol. I then took a cold shower, really, a cold shower! Man it felt good. Then I went to the mall. Called Josh, we were both tired. I had a reason, he's just a lazy bum, lol.Today I'm going to the movies. Bye,Bye...SLUTS.