June 6th, 2005

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Hello dolls! Today was a good day. lol. I bitched out that faggot, Jeremey GOD I CANNOT freakin' wait until I'm done with school to get away from him. LORD, PLEASE MOVE HIM FAR. He thinks hes boss or something. SO NOT. Nobody likes him,and he has a bowl haircut. Whatev! I took my test I missed man I did well I KNOW it. Then I called Megan on my cell while I was in the hall taking the test. She came and got me after school. Now I'm home & I must start studying for the final exam reviews I've been given. I have 450 questions on my stupid Computer Media Management class. WOW. Thats hot. SCHOOLS OUT NEXT WEEK! I'm taking so many pictures on my phone and camera. So like yeah I'll post them when I have them. I feel good today. Some people from a rating community I applied for called me gorgeous. Yeah I'm really not, but that totally made my day. Not one bad comment from the community =D. Life is lovely today.( 3g.380c ) that's just for me. I'm gone,homies. Carmen <3