June 5th, 2005

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Yesterday I went swimming in Ann Arbor, Then I went to eat at the Ann Arbor Brewing company. I had also got into a bit of a argument with Ryan, but we are okay now. School is out not this week next week. I cannot wait. I need to straighten the rest of my hair, #$)*#(@. So this summer I am either getting a piercing or a tattoo. I'm either going to get my nose pierced, or a tattoo on my wrist, of a star. My dad said he would for my birthday, (AHEM, JULY 29TH) This is going to be a good birthday. I'm starting driving this month. I get a digital camera, a REALLY GOOD ONE. I get my tattoo/piercing.Downtown plymouth, and movies during the weekdays, tennis w/ Megan,going upnorth, going to concerts. Man I can't wait for the summer for all that stuff. But I'm going to go.

P.S-Jessica "my love" Lomas, has PROMISED me she will come wish me happy birthday lol. Oh that will make everything perfect.