May 28th, 2005

(no subject)

Hello everyone. I havn't updated for a long time. Lets see thursday I had a interview with the school for a job as Attendance Office Asisstant and I would be getting paid 6.50 an hour. So I REALLY hope I get this job. I don't want to be a bum who takes my parents money so then later that day Megan and I went to 12 Oaks. I got Two shirts for Wet Seal, and a bag from American Eagle, and a shirt from Hollister.Then Friday(yesterday) Megan and I and her mother went to Westland mall and I got a shirt from American Eagle, and I bought my mom some sandles and a necklace from Charollete Russe. Then we went to Target, then we dropped her mother off and Megan and I went tanning. :) yay. Then we went to Olive Garden. Today My sister, her boyfriend, Megan, and I are supposed to go to Downtown Ann Arbor to the Ann Arbor Brewing Company. I keep fighting with josh, he needs to settle down now because he's ticking me off. Well anyways goodbye everyone I'm going to go do nothing.