May 23rd, 2005

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Today was a pretty okay day at school. 5th hour was pretty funny Zane was paid 12 bucks by some freshmen to touch his arms and stomach lol. Your right Zane how CAN THEY resist your hawt body,lol.Then I went home then my sister and I went to get something to eat and Michael came by so then lmfao we took Michael, who was in a different car, on a wild goose chase lmfao. I wore my skirt today, I'm feeling pretty good lol. It's cold and it feels like fall, I want summer to come but today is a good day for it to feel like fall. School LET IT BE OVERRRRRR. Seniors last week is next week I'm going to miss my senior friends dawwwwwwg. O well 2 years and I'm gone too. I need to dye my hair black again, where my blonde was the blue really is intense lol. hmmm anyways I'm going to go talk to Adam and Ben and Liz. BYE BYE

<3 Carmen
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