May 19th, 2005

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Hello everyone! I havn't updated in a few but nothing really has happened? I went to payless got me some flats I LOVE FLATS , I think I already told this but I don't remember. I'm in school during lunch right now I never go anymore It's to boring. I've been tiiiired. So yesterday Megan, My sister and her boyfriend and of course me, went to Max & Ermas and we ate. Yeah it was pretty fly. lol. There is nothing to do I am so bored of doing nothing, nothingness is my enemy now. I love Target more and more everday and I think I may become addicted If I keep going. I got a new purse, a Pink Metallic Hobo Slouch bag I seriously have like 20 zillion people say didn't you just have a new purse. People need to know I have a obsession for purses and shoes, flats are it for me. And I am developing a skirt thing. anyways I WANT MY SKIRT. Josh needs to hurry his ass up! lol =D . So anyways nothing else to do I am going to go look around for digital cameras maybe I'll change my mind and make Josh get me a different one then the one we had planned if I see anything I like.
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