May 14th, 2005

(no subject)

Hello everyone. MAN yesterday after my sisters surgery she was just annoying lol. These two bitches who were her friend, the gappy ass tooth bitch started shit with my sister while she CAN'T WALK OR ANYTHING so I got up and told her, BITCH DON'T FUCKING DISRESPECT MY SISTER IN OUR HOUSE I told her I may be 15 but I can kick your ass out and I told her to get the fuck out because shes nothing BUT disrespectful. W/E UGH I don't do that to people but piss me off and KABOOM! So IDK what I'm doing today..I might go see a movie, House Of Wax but idk? I'll call Megan see if she wants to hang with my sister and her boyfriend. Friday the 13th...SUCKED because bad shit happened, Josh got into a car accident and my sister was nuts yesterday and it was thunder storming and raining, all the works!