May 11th, 2005

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Does anyone ever feel like IDK you just don't to be the person you are during school. Like I am usually talkative and stuff but today I just read all day I didn't really say much. I just get like that sometimes and just read, I like it though because I do my work too. So today in 5th hour Zane gave me a comic he told me it was my present from him, what a doll lol. It was a Bazooka Joe Comic lmfao. That gun is totally fucking hard that its whack lol. I am so bored. I went to dinner with Megan, my sister and her boyfriend, Michael. He's so nice. Anyways I guess I am going to go and talk to people about abuse, dildos, and mohawks.

Me+Josh= I bang him weekly
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    Death Cab For Cutie-Why would you want to live here?