May 10th, 2005

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I did nothing today it was boring...however I did tan Zanes arms with my bronzer...He said he was going to go buy himself some, thats odd a man should NOT put on makeup on their arms and then go purchase some. Then me and my 6th hour class went to the Computer Lab and we did this stupid thing about the continents. I pushed a cart around yelling "Peanuts, Get your red hots" My 6th hour teacher has the worst temper he cusses like a dirty sailor. Then he punched me in my boob by accident. Then my sister picked me up and thats pretty much it. Then Megan and I went and got a coffee. I called Steve, but he was sick, and I told him how I once ate moldy bread...aahh good times. lol. df;asdkjfsdkl;fjsdlfjsdkl;fjsdl bored here are pics, they are shitty because it's from my camera phone...until I get my new one (Josh)

My sweet new BIG Sunglasses

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