May 9th, 2005

(no subject)

SO I CAME BACK TO 6th hour I spent the whole time with boys looking at my magazine picking out some hott ladies lol. Everyone liked my hair, Dan and Matt were all like freaking out they are like whoaaaaaaa Dan liked it he was screaming though because its BLUE black lol. Yah I think I like it way better then my highlights. Anyways OMGOSH I need people to grow up. No problems really I just want people to stop joking so much and grow up! I am TOTALLY not trying to be mean but I just wish that people would grow up, if your getting older you need to act older. You CANNOT stay 12 your whole life, or at least act like one. Today this girl was talking about how she knows people that use words like, OH MY GOSH and TOTALLY and LIKE, and she KEPT ON SAYING LIKE!! I wanted to be "LIKE OMGOSH, YOU TOTALLY FUCKING SUCK BECAUSE YOU TALK LIKE THAT TOO I JUST HEARD YOU, YOU DUMB SHIT" WOW is she LIKE sooooooo LIKE Fucking stupid lol. Grow up dirtbags. People also need to quit lying because it's not cute anymore. Tis is GENERAL thing, it's not to target just ONE person it's to anyone that they know is just like them.k?thnx. People also need to stop denying that they have problems I just pointed out and brush them off, people need to also take responsibilities.WHATEV! So yesterday my sister let me drive her car, she told her boyfriend and I that I did a super duper job lol. I was so nervous! but I did well!