May 7th, 2005

(no subject)

MORNING YAAAAALLLLLLLLL UGH, I need to really wash my mouth out w. soap for talking like that. So I might be suspended from school because this liar kid who I got into an argument with is saying that I called him a dirty arab, FIRST OF ALL If I want to get automatically suspended and look like a retard I would have said it, IF I WAS ALSO AN IGNORANT WHORE!!! lol but I'm not I said I would smack him not that hes a dirty arab, and I don't even think this kid is!! SECOND OF ALL The kid is a fucking loser and a pussy for going and lying because I hoed his ass out. Whatev. So then they were going to inschool suspend me for the 6th hour but I left and me and my sister and Megan went to 12 oaks, I got some sweet big sunglasses and underoo's! lol. Yesterday I went to dinner with Megan and her mother...then Megan and I went to Target, I dyed my hair blue black I looove it :)And I just straightened it this morning so I'll put up some pictures later. IDK what I'm doing today anyways people have a good weekend.