May 4th, 2005

(no subject)

Hey everyone. I'm in school. Man am tired. I can't wait school is almost out!!! My sister OMGOSH scared me Monday night I had went to take Bella (our dog) out to use the bathroom, because we are potty training her and these boys kept like stopping infront of my house looking at me but the last thing that finally made me snap was when they went down the street and backed up and came for my house again, and they waited 10-15 minutes out by my house! So we called the cops and a police officer came. Me and my sister were home. Thank god she came home in time. She called her boyfriend who dropped her off and told him to turn around and come right back and he did, he took us to Rams Horn (restaurant) he's such a nice guy, they are going to get me a Nextel w. my own plan ^_^ I know what nextel phone I already want. So anyways the next night, (yesterday) I am home alone w/ Bella and we are sleeping WHEN...I get a PRIVATE CALL, some creepy voice came on the phone and said "I'm going to kill you....BITCH" MY WHOLE BODY WENT SO FUCKING NUMB and I just froze, So I said SHIT I'm calling the cops. First I called my sister...FUCKING TURNS OUT IT WAS HER MESSING WITH ME. I broke out crying when it happened. Man shes such a loser! So then they came home and her boyfriend got us Burger King. DUDE I GOT A KIDS MEAL I LOVE THE TOY!!!! It's a box filled with a game called Cadoo. It was pretty tiggght lol. So Today my sister is going to pick me up from school and IDK what I am going to do. Have a good day everyone!