April 29th, 2005

(no subject)

To bring you down

to see you drown

 would be giving me the greatest reward

 fallen from the highest places

 I've seen the same kind of faces

 I need to be leaving

 Don't give me your excuse that you'll be grieving

 I've lost your faith somewhere

 You've lose my trust in the sea

 We both stare in each others dying eyes

 The solution to our microscopic problems are bottled in this liquid

 The stars keep our secrets

Can we leave them that way?

Gravity is pulling us up and away

 I thank whatever is responsible,for this

 You lost yourself

 I lost myself

 I tell only myself

That everything won't be okay

But the whole world knows what I can't bring myself to utter

 Utter the words to tell you

 You were the worst kind of reward that was given to me...


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