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Yesterday was my birthday
Yay I'm 16
Yesterday was pretty mellow, I liked it b/c well I never get those.
I got to see bella so we went to the pet store to look for bows lol they didn't have.
Then came home my sister and I then went to get stuff at the grocery store. I must say brown rice everday isn't bad at all.
uhmm then we went to Secretary of State and I got my Level 1 License, drove home, god my mom was actually putting her foot on a fake break on her side of the car, shes so paranoid.
Went home,slept, woke up slept some more
then the fun with josh
haha his whole family sung me happy birthday except his brother b/c i dont think he was in the room? annnnyyyywaaaayyys I think maybe I should get my hoodie soon, HOPEFULLY!!! it's customized josh got it for me, and it says "Keep it Real" lol. ahhhh soooo OH YA! i didn't get to go to my dads b/c he is to busy this week but next week for sure and on the lip piercing I have to wait until next week, no bummer he promised me soooo I'm not to upset.


Name: Carmen
Age: 16
Astrological Sign: Leo
Sex/Gender: female
Skin: tan?
Hair: short and black
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'3
Marital Status: taken
Sexuality: straight
Religion: Catholic
Where Were You Born?: Warren, MI
Where Do You Live Now?: Livonia, MI
Occupation: None,Yet
Vehicle: No car until this winter?
Pets: a dog.

Type Of Food: Mexican, Italian
Meal: Brown rice w/ cauliflower and broccoli?
Snack: Tropicana Light Strawberry and cream pops
Fruit: Necterin
Vegetable: Mushroom
Drink: Diet Mountain Dew
Alcoholic Beverage: idk
Cigarette: ew.no.
Drug: Gross
Book: "Special Subject books"
Author: some jewish girl?
Actor: idk
TV Show: Dr.90210, Golden Girls, Real World, The nanny, $40 a day(lol damn rachael ray) Roseanne.
TV Channel: whatever those shows are on
Band: too many, probably MCR, before they were too cool,bitches.
Song: too many
Artist: mmmm??????? Man Ray
Activity: My lover,Photgraphy,sleeping,shopping
Animal: Dogs
Place To Go: England, Spain, idk other places I can't think of

What Do You Wear To Sleep?: Depends
What Position Do You Sleep In?: on my side
How Many Pillows Do You Use?: 3
Do You Hog The Blankets?: I suppose
Do You Roll Around Alot?: Think so
Do You Snore?: IDK
Do You Drool?: haha sometimes
Whats Under Your Bed?: I think makeup?
Your Feelings Towards Pornography: I really don't carE?.
Your Feelings Towards Strippers: It dosn't matter to me
Your Feelings Towards Prostitutes: :DLJFK EWWWW UGGGHHHH.
Do You Think Size Matters?: 0o?! hahahah o gosh.
What Part Of The Body Attracts You Most?: eyes and hair idk if hair is a body part
Sex, Before Or After Marriage?: before
For You Sex Is About...: <33333
Favorite Physical Activity With Partner: hugs
What Are Your Fetishes?: ....sticking my head in mens footware...shit idk ew

List 3 Words That Best Describe Yourself: hyper,smmmarttt,short
What's Your Ultimate Goal In Life?: To be happy with what I have
How Would You Like To Die?: i hate these questions, I want to be mawled by a bear and have my body thrown to a bunch of wolves, I DON'T KNOW I DONT REALLY WONDER.

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