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Ello. Soooo I got my segement 1 paper/license oh boy,lol. I am so good at driving, baleed dat. I was going to go see Charlie and the chocolate factory yesterday, but it was sold out, so today? I got into a fight with Josh. He called me a Slut. He's making up for it now by buying me something, either shoes, or the Roseanne season 1 dvd.

Lets see....

My name is carmen, I am 15 going on 16. I am a female, I love my music, i love my friends, I love thunderstorms, i love the weirdest things, I like different colored skies, I like long drives but only if it's at night with certain people, certain boys <3. I like boys, therefore i am straight, I don't want to be a lesbian i think it's cute when boys kiss i however never found it amazingly hot when i find two females kissing. I hate those stupid gothic kids who have so many stupid ass problems. Just live. I love rude and shitty waitresses. I love being in movie theaters , i just can't fucking stand it when people don't shuttup and just watch the movie. I hate when someone decides to continue a joke whether it be funny or not for long periods of time, it's not funny, get over yourselves. I dislike bitches, I can be one but you just have to piss me off in that certain way and then there are people who I won't bitch to just because they couldn't deal. I have my own style, I like it. Idc if you call me emo/prep/style chaser, because thats your own opinion i can't change the way people think especially if i think it's stupid to get mad because someone calls you something if you know yourself your not what they call you. I like labels, i am now shallow but there is a point in your lives where you label a person, and I'm not talking about oh I'm carmen and I am in this group, I am talking about how we judge and categorize people.But to point something wrong in EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING you see or to make a RUDE joke about the way they look every time you see a damn person is just really immature and really mean and you can talk all the shit you want because you won't say it to their faces when they can possibly turn you around and kick your ass hardcore. I am not all about material things, some material things make me happy, as do they for most people. I hate when people copy me, it isn't cute, I don't find it a form of flattery infact it's annoying and immature. SO DON'T DO IT. I hate people who can't fucking deal with reality grow up and face the truth that there are shitty days and you either need to stop bitching and learn to deal with it or just go fuck yourselves, and I'm not talking about oh my boyfriend broke up with me because love does hurt, you have the right to complain there, but if it's stupid shit like OMG my parents won't get off my back about certain things well then you need to shuttup and do it, i strongly believe that parents do SOMETIMES know what they are talking about. I appreciate my parents, I am not those stupid kids who say OMG i hate my mom/dad/step dad I want to kill them, I learned to quit being bitchy and start changing my attitude before i decide people need to change for me. I am always changing, I love photography and that will be the one thing I WILL NEVER CHANGE, I want to become a photographer, I want to achieve in life and not be some idiot who's in there 20's-30's with no job no education bumming off my parents for a 10. Education gets you far, and you can't deny that fact, so spare me telling me about all those movie stars and singers, because your either lucky to be them or your not and you can't tell the future so at least go as far as to learn something else before you dive your whole life into one big gray hole you are uncertain of. I don't have the greatest grammar skills but I do expect people to NEVER EVER talk lyke dizs. We are in America where we might not be able to go kill someone and then shoplift a 6 pack but we are given the opportunity to learn to fucking speak and write at least average or above, you only lower your intelligence when you don't speak right. I learned that saying "watz up, how r u " is stupid. I hate when people decide to write stupid and make the word even longer then it needs to be, if you want to talk stupid at least make sure the original word is not 5 characters long and the way you write it is 12. You are given the world when you are first born don't blame your parents entirely on everything that goes wrong in your life, you DO HAVE a life outside your parents. Don't take advantage of the things we are given, I hate that, waste is a sin , and if you believe in God or you don't you have the common sense to learn that wasting is wrong when I mean wasting I mean, wasting your education, your life to drugs, your existence by trying to do nothing for yourself and expect to be 20 some years old and your still having your mother/father baby you and serve you on hand and foot. Learn to just live your life but DON'T ENABLE yourself to achieve when you can achieve and don't give people or me the kind of shit like "well I'm not as good as this person and I can never be as smart as this guy" I won't have any sympathy for you.You have your own skills use those and quit putting off growing up, and appreciating things that are YOUR OWN.Learn to earn without bitching/and taking from people who have given you too much already..............My step dad just decided to put a stink bomb in the basement, very funny. I'm done

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