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idk why i am up so early
oh well not doing pretty much anything today
except probably hanging out with ryan
oh mannnn lol
Idk I'm rambling on and on
i wish autumn would come
i love autumn
everything is better when fall is around
I have fell in love ;The Unicorns

P.S/you should get over yourself
your stupid
and retarded
you have nothing to say...EVER
quit thinking about yourself all the time
you think your giving
your just a greedy handed little bastard

i should post pictures of whatev.soon
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Yesterday was my birthday
Yay I'm 16
Yesterday was pretty mellow, I liked it b/c well I never get those.
I got to see bella so we went to the pet store to look for bows lol they didn't have.
Then came home my sister and I then went to get stuff at the grocery store. I must say brown rice everday isn't bad at all.
uhmm then we went to Secretary of State and I got my Level 1 License, drove home, god my mom was actually putting her foot on a fake break on her side of the car, shes so paranoid.
Went home,slept, woke up slept some more
then the fun with josh
haha his whole family sung me happy birthday except his brother b/c i dont think he was in the room? annnnyyyywaaaayyys I think maybe I should get my hoodie soon, HOPEFULLY!!! it's customized josh got it for me, and it says "Keep it Real" lol. ahhhh soooo OH YA! i didn't get to go to my dads b/c he is to busy this week but next week for sure and on the lip piercing I have to wait until next week, no bummer he promised me soooo I'm not to upset.

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new layout
bleeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i like it :)
so tomorow is my birthday? i think lemme see
YEP it is lol
sooo I go to my dads tomorrow
and I get my lip pierced saturday maybe?
anyways yep yep :)
adios adios

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soooooo likkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeee megans back
I am getting my lip pierced this week
post, not ring.
lets see
we are going to the mall
then to eat
then to the thrift store for me

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The entry was deleted sooo here is what was said last night and just now

So i have decided that when I come back from my dads from my birthday, i might have a lip ring!

that is all.

My dad said I CAN get my lip pierced
yayayayayay I cannot wait for next saturday!

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Sooo I made and appt. I get my hair done this week
gosh I cannot wait
Megan is buying me my gift today.
I want it today or tomorrow
more today then tomorrow,lol.

P.S-Megan and I have the best walk in the wooorld.lol.

Edit/1:35PM I am getting my hair done today. YAY. Pictures later. =]

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