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making a new lj name. and only adding people i want to add.

so if you think I'll add you, ask me.

oh and i need lj-name ideas

Melinda - "misshorrid"

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I know you'll all be jealous, but I'm posting up pictures of my future Hubby. Yes, we are going to get married, yet he doesn't know it yet or me for that matter haha.

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Oh my gosh, he's beautiful. -melts-

oh, for the losers who didn't know him, He's Rob Hoffman, an actor/dancer/choreographer/comedian. And he's on Nick Cannon's "Wild'N Out".
Melinda - "misshorrid"

RIP Maleni

Today's my birthday, doesn't feel like it, and I don't want to celebrate.

I lost a friend, yes I only talked to her online and on the phone and I don't live in Mass. with her, but she was a good friend. an angel.

Her name is Maleni. I really want to go visit the memorial. She died 2 days ago, and I only found out today cause I haven't been online much.

She's my age, she would have been graduating high school too.

RIP 8/28/88 - 9/15/05
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