here come the drums.

8 September 1985
"honey, i'm too tired to slap you. bash your face up against my palm."

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let's dance, little stranger
show me secret sins
love can be bondage
seduce me once again

twenty-one year old female, currently struggling with a classics degree. i like both men and women. i haven't been in credit for at least three years. i would like my writer's block to go away - i'm bored of writing drabble then deleting it. you'll almost never catch me without my makeup on ... even if its from the night before. i don't believe in dressing down unless i'm in my pyjamas. i can't cope if my underwear doesn't match. i'm pro-suspenders and anti-tights in a huge way. i am indeed the least motivated person i know and i'm really rather liberal in my beliefs.

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