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when everything feels like the movies

2 February
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12 stones, acoustic songs, aim, ashlee simpson, bam margera, bands, basketball, battle of the bands, beautifullness, black and white photography, blink 182, bowling for soup, boys, brand nizzle, brevada, brown shaggy hair, bumper cars, cds, cell phones, chad micheal murray, chris carraba, chris from summersalt, clouds, coldplay, coloring, concerts in the park, cool people, copeland, cowboy hats, crayola, creed, crossfade, cute boys, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, diamonds, digital cameras, doc sommers band, drummer boys, earrings, extreme makeover home edition, flashlights, flowers, folly surf report, football games, four wheelers, friday nights, friends, funniness, giraffes, god, goodwill, guitars, guys, hair, halloween, haunted houses, hide and go seek, icons, jeremy camp, john mayer, journalism, july, jumping on the bed, kenny chesney, key lime cheesecake, kiss, laughing, layouts, lbc, madison fair, maroon 5, movies, music, my computer, my little pony, photography, picture phones, pictures, pretty boys, pretty eyes, pretty hair, pretty in pink, pretty stuff, pretty things, purses, radio, rain, rock stars, rollar costers, ryan cabrera, shaggy hair, shaggyness, shinedown, shoes, short boards, singing, singing in the car, singing in the shower, snow, stars, summersalt, sunset beauty, surfing, swinging, switchfoot, tbs, that 70's show, the apprentice, the beach, the bible, the brady bunch, the breakfast club, the fair, the ferris wheel, the goo goo dolls, the ocean, the sky, the zoo, thunder storms, tight jeans, tv, video cameras, volleyball, walking, waves, wednesday nights, what not to wear, writing