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think happy thoughts

9 March

80's movies, 80's music, acting, adam pascal, alice in wonderland, ann harada, anthony rapp, art, astronomy, avenue q, beauty and the beast, billy boyd, billy joel, bohemia, books, boy's hair, boys, british actors, broadway, broadway musicals, brownies, candles, care bears, carebears, chicago, chinese food, chocolate, choir, classic rock, clouds, coldplay, colors, constellations, cookie dough, cookies, cuddling, cup o' noodles, dance dance revolution, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, disney, disney movies, dominic monaghan, drama, drawing, dream theater, elijah wood, ellen degeneres, evanescence, fairly oddparents, family guy, fencing, fiddler on the roof, fire, friends, green, guitar, horror movies, hot chocolate, idina menzel, incubus, italian arias, jason robert brown, jazz, jethro tull, jimmy neutron, john tartaglia, johnny depp, kristin chenoweth, laughing until it hurts, led zeppelin, life, lord of the rings, lucy t. slut, mandy moore, manson, metal, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, music, musical theatre, musicals, noises off, norbert leo butz, ocean, orlando bloom, ozzy, painting, peanut butter, photography, pigs, queen, rage against the machine, rain, rainbows, rammstein, reading, rent, rock, sarcasm, scrapbooking, sean astin, shakespeare, shiny things, shooting stars, showtunes, singing, skanking, sleeping, smiling, stargazing, stars, stephanie d'abruzzo, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, swimming, television, the 80s, the beach, the beatles, the city, the family guy, the last five years, the simpsons, theatre, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tolkien, weezer, wicked, will and grace, wizard of oz