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the rain made you so still, more quieter than you'd think. .

so i went to the webster underground last night. i got the sweet mapquest directions that say "take the exit" so when i was on the phone with alli oh! in the car she gave me the directions off the webster website. we talked like the whole way there. it was amazing, i didn't get lost and i got to park in the parking lot. weird.

so i go in and just take a seat because nobody was there yet. then all of a sudden tony runs in and like slaps me five and goes "i gotta go to the bathroom!!" haha, funny. then he runs back out and i guess they had to park somewhere else. so everyone comes in and i greet them and give them hugs and whatnot. then all of a sudden the place was packed with emo-trendy fifteen year olds. sweet.

so we watch the first band and they were the skinniest band i've ever seen haha. they weren't bad though. me and brian were joking about how my clothes would be loose on them haha. we spent most of the show in the other room playing the video games and making jokes. apparently there is a new saying, "omg wtf bbq." and something about having tape all over your face. . . haha ok.

the guys from patent pending showed up and one of the guys was hilarious. he kept making jokes to us. the guys went on and played an old song for me. thank god haha. tony kept making references to his cold nipples (omfg) jenk showed up in the middle of the set, it was good to see her. after the set i sat at merch, various people joined me throughout the evening. i took a few pictures while one of the bands were on.

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we decided to go drink at tony's house. i asked brian and kevin if they could buy me something and kevin goes "are you a slutty drunk?" i said no and he goes "pshh, then i'm not buying you shit!" hilarious. so they head out and i sit in the fuckign parking lot on the phone with alli oh! for like fifteen minutes. we picked the best time to leave, right when the show at the webster theater was getting out. so everyone was leaving the parking lot at the same time and nobody would let me pull out in front of them. so after i finally get out i'm stopped in traffic and this fight breaks out on the sidewalk. i'm freaking out to alli oh! yelling "omg, i hope nobody has a gun!" haha. i manage to make it back to the highway with little problem though.

i get to tony's house and we all head inside (well, after standing outside for like ten mintues while tony talked to his dad) we watched this goofy jackie chan movie and i was too tired to fucking get drunk. i drank a little but i was just passing out. after i stayed over brian's house and we wathced aqua teen hunger force and the labrynth. i was so tired that i was making no sense. we start talking aout board games and i say "remember back in the day when girls never won?" and brian was like "what the fuck are you talking about?" and was saying that i was at the stage where i was so tired that things made sense in my head, but not when i said them. so good. he made fun of me like every five minutes after that.

this morning i headed home. i stopped to take some pictures though.

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yeah work tonight from 7pm to 7am. awesome. . . hopefully they'll put this new idea for mandatory overtime in effect, so that i can count tonights overtime, do it again next sunday, and then not have to work on saturday (that made no sense to anyoen but me) but yeah, then i wouldn't be exhausted for mates of state on saturday.
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the flaming tsunamis

her lungs and liver screaming mercy mercy mercy, while they rearranged the wires in her heart.

i found something to do that doesn't involve being all alone at some random new hampshire show. i'm gonna go see the skeptics at a few of their shows today and hang with that "crew" haha. they're always a blast. brian sent me a message on myspace telling me to come down last night, but i fell asleep at 2:00pm and slept til 5:00am (heh) so ya know, didn't get that until today. either way, this will be fun. i was looking at the two shows, the first is in cambridge and it says 12pm. . i don't know what's up with that. the other one is at the webster underground, so i'll at least make it there (even though i fucking ahte that place)

so hoepfully brian will get in touch with me today so we can make some sort of plan, time for me to take a shower.
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the flaming tsunamis

needle on the record player scratching at the splinter in my brain

i don't know what the fuck i'm doing this weekend. i want to see a lot of people at once and just be surrounded by positive people and have a good time. that could hold me over for the next week at work and fucking crazy amounts of overtime (four extra hours this sunday, mandatory next saturday-well, friday 11pm-7am on saturday)

options for shows are:

friday, november 12 @ 7pm
f o r e v e r i n m o t i o n
feeling left out
umass @ the vpac - lowell, ma

saturday, november 13 @ 5pm
watches, no compass
et tu brute
alexander carr cafe - 1 pierce ave, derry, nh

saturday, november 13 @ 7pm
f o r e v e r i n m o t i o n
feeling left out
the sad cafe - plaistow, nh

both of the saturday shows are about an hour and a half away from me. . which is why i rarely bother with nh shows in general. i'd go tonight if lisa is going and i can get a ride with her. if you see this lisa, let me know what's up.

either way, i don't know what i want to go to. saturday would be nice to kind of give new bands from a new area a chance. i dunno. i'm sure i'd be hiding in a corner the whole time because i'm terrible at meeting people when i know nobody. say i went to lowell tonight, i'd definitely go to plaistow tomorrow. . i don't knowwww. if i had high speed internet i'd download some of these bands to see if they're any good.

ummm, so christmas is coming up and i'm not very wealthy. so i don't think i'm buying anything for anyone outside of my family. i might do something for my closest friends. . i don't know. i'd do things for people but i get the feeling that i'd get nothing in return as per usual. which christmas is about giving, but i give all year round and have nothing to show for it. errr getting irritable again.

i was thinking about doing something small for bands as a whole, the ones i'm close to. we'll see.

so i'm trying to design some t-shirts for a few bands that asked me to. this sucks. it's like, i think of ideas for shirts all the time, but when asked to design something i just draw a complete blank. either that or i can find a good picture to use for my idea. i made a design for a glassjaw shirt recently. i put it up at i'm gonna start putting a lot of stuff up on there.

that's a really small version of the glassjaw one. i might make it into a shirt after i get my check. i'm gonna get a bunch of blank shirts and tank tops and shit i'll need.

umm, attn: people who wanted me to design a shirt for them

a.) do you want lyrics involved?
b.) if yes, which songs or specific lyrics are preferred? if no, a stupid slogan?
c.) what style would you like? options are:
-scenic/industrial/object photo turned black and white (like the malachi and 1905 ones)
-person/people turned black and white and colored (like the glassjaw one)
-random designs mixed together
d.) do you prefer a black shirt or are other colors an option?
haha i'm bad at this shit.

uhh, that's all for now.

oh wait.

i gave them a try. . blehCollapse )
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attn: friends

what am i doing this weekend?

i have no idea what shows are happening, who will be where, anything. someone give me plans for friday and saturday STAT!

yo get me drunk too.

the flaming tsunamis

you only want the one that makes you crazy.

it'd be cool if my body would actually let me throw up instead of just coughing up stomach acid and burning my throat.

sorry if you read that. i know it's gross. i throw up like once every two years. my body like. . . can't do it or something. i keep gagging and nothing besides this burning in my throat and back of my mouth is coming from it. awesome.

uhhh. . i'm considering making a friends only journal and only telling like five people about it since people have proven to me that they don't understand the concept of "friends only" and like to share what i say with everyone who shouldn't know. real cool guys. the thing is, i need to vent about practically everything in my life, and this is how i do it. but if i can't trust that the information i'm writing isn't going to go beyond my friends list, even my special extra-private friends list, well there goes my form of fucking venting. thanks guys. thanks for having big fucking mouths and causing extra drama for me. there's a big difference between trash talking and venting. if i wanted what i said to be public, don't you think i would make it that way?

regardless, i'm going over the idea, it's very tempting. . i just hate that it's necessary.

(Leave answers in a comment...
Y = Yes.
N = No.
M = Maybe, depends.
* = You already have.)

Would you ...
( ) hang out with me?
( ) give me your number?
( ) go out on date with me?
( ) dance with me? (assume that I will one day remember how to dance)
( ) try to kiss me?
( ) try to make out with me?
( ) play a board/card game with me?
( ) play pool with me?
( ) play volleyball/basketball/team sport with me?
( ) snowboard/ski with me?
( ) go to the beach for a swim with me?
( ) watch a movie with me... even a really sappy one?
( ) watch a movie with me... even a gore/action one?
( ) let me take you out to dinner?
( ) drive me somewhere/anywhere?
( ) let me use your shower?
( ) want to have a fling with me?
( ) be my boyfriend?
( ) listen to me if I called you, crying, even if you were out with all of your friends?
( ) buy me a drink if I didn't have money?
( ) take me home for the night?
( ) let me sleep in your bed?
( ) sing car karaoke with me?
( ) sit waiting someplace with me because I didn't want to go alone?
( ) come and pick me up, after being woken up, because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?

oh yeah, and i've said it before and i'll say it again: to the people who call me uninformed, stupid, ignorant, closed-minded, WHATEVER because i DISAGREE with your OPINION on a subject, fuck off. i can't even begin to express my distaste for YOUR fucking ignorance.

o·pin·ion n - a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty / the expression of a belief that is held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof

just as my opinion is not fact, neither is yours. opinions are based on a lot of things and to call an opinion correct or incorrect is fucking bullshit if you ask me. while i can disagree with you, i will never call you stupid for it. i DO understand that some of my views are controversial, and may offend, but people offend me without apology, so i really couldn't care less. the fucking end.
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bah, so i just got home from mandatory overtime, now i have no plans for the weekend. just great, i love pointless weekends.

me and michelle might go see a movie tonight.

what i really want to do is get drunk and kiss a boy (pathetic, i know) but it's something i haven't done in a while, so ya know. time for fucking bed. >:(
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so yeah, fuck madatory overtime right up it's ass. instead of getting to see my friends and a good show tonight, i get to make filters. . just like i have been doing for the last five fucking days. seriously job, fuck off.

i still want to move out of the country. it's hard to find out how though.

ummm. . . alli oh! if you want to do something tomorrow night give me a damn plan.

i'm going to keene to cash my check and get digital pictures turned into real ones (i'm going to hang them up if me and michelle move in together) and then get my car inspected. hooray for a fun day! or not.

i'm also going to make the sweetest 1905 hoodie in the history of 1905 hoodies ever. and i made a nice little malachi constant shirt already, even though they broke up. the design:

Image Hosted by

simple, i like it.