steff. (___viewfromhere) wrote,


today, i wore these fucking...brown leather boots. with a tiny wedge heel (haha, listen to me)and...i felt, 1-fucking fancy as fuck 2-embarrassed by the clicking sounds i made as i clicked around the office/restaurant. this winter i have 4 pairs of boots. i have never owned more than 1 pair of boots at a time, in my years.

(the above paragraph makes me feel...fucking weird. i usually don't care about boots...i sound like someone on gossip girl, sort of. or something like that.)

i just told a man i don't know on the internet that i would buy two tegan and sara tickets (for the jan 19 show at massey hall) for $100...not bad. i think i am going to take my love adrienne, but i wouldn't mind making some money off the other ticket...somehow. nohow (think that's a word, because spell check isn't alerting me) can't. haha so i'm excited for that! fucking finally, they haven't been to toronto for two years!

BURNED my hand the other day, i took something out of the oven and put it on top of the stove and it slide off and fell onto my hand. the burn is like 2 inches big, and i had a huuuge 1 inch blister. it looked like it was about to burst. it started deflating yesterday, oozing rather. and now it sort of looks like a ball sac (don't miss those). my boss' mom that i work with is so sweet she went out and bought me an ointment.

the other day i made two custom gelaskins one for my ipod and one for my new work phone...excited. they are pretty unnecessary.

hey, stop spending your money steph! fucker.

oh also, i should sell my ovaries one day. i don't need em. i want to adopt someone that needs it...mmhmm. i dont know how much they sell for...
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