steff. (___viewfromhere) wrote,

dry elbows (not related) and my blog spot...

this is new:
you should go there...

something humorous:
a few weeks ago aid and i went for a walk on a pretty day in our neighborhood (the fucking annex, quite a fancy area...except our house) aid was way behind me, she got distracted by something, and i was waiting to cross the street at a stop sign intersection, and this car full of guys, drives by and one of them yell, "whats up dyke?!" i wish i could have replied...but they were in motion. hence the driving...

its just a stupid thing to do.
i was insulted.
just because it was meant to hurt me.
and in response..."just enjoying a little walk with me girl..., sup heteronni?"

andddddd my roommate saydee and i want to buy boggle...
and by want i mean...we neeeeeed this game.

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