steff. (___viewfromhere) wrote,

pickled beets and nothing else important

i made beets two weeks ago.
yes, i pickled beets...
i didn't know that boiling the jars with the vacuum lids on it...fucking vacuum seal it...i was impressed.
in 6 weeks (4 now) they're all ours...
i felt really fucking amazingly domestic doing this. and i wanted to show/tell everyone (and i did. i sent text messages about it...haha)

after beeting for hours, that night aid and i went to her friend sarah's condo (very fancy) and played drinking games with her and her girlfriend. it was crazy fun, and i put what saydee and i had learned about a week earlier, that canadian club whiskey isn't too bad on its own. so, i put that to the test.

then the 4 of us went to slacks ($5 cover, again, impressed)
and danced the night away to the kind of music i would never listen to on my own.
and enjoyed it very much.
a drunk girl was excited i had dreads aswell...

last weekend my mum and step dad steve and nani came up from niagara falls to visit me.
we went out for lunch at the pub thats literally a 1minute and 20 second walk from my house.
and walking with my nani, and her cane, it took us a good 10 minutes.
and that made me sad.
that may be my parents in a good 20 years...

hmmm, what else?
i'm trying to convince my roommate saydee to dye her hair from blue to orange...because she's having "greeny" issues...due to yellow in her green. i think that this one shade of orange that manic panic makes would make her life easier.

uhh, i have an interview at the booster juice tomorrow, it's in the toronto general hospital !
i fucking better get it, as i need a job badly...and its wonderfully close to school.

the guy that lives in the basement apartment here (just below us) is having a party tonight.
i ran into him on the street and he told me to come (i'm definetly not going), and warned me about the noise. some great gangster beats are blaring right now. i'm glad we don't have vents, or it would be that much more intense.

i need to answer calls for submissions...
i fucking could have been in this show that just past at school...

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