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Just watched the 2013.02.07 VSA ep
and it is easily the best one I've seen in ages???
AKIRA is an adorable man guh (and actually sorta resembles his Tumbling character irl, aww)
and Takahashi Katsumi was hugely entertaining.
If I picked dramas to watch based on variety promo appearances
I'd be jumping on Biblia without a second thought.

H's taste, on-point as always.
So... warm? And heartfelt - and genuinely, genuinely lovely (much like the shooting locale, haha).
Loved Koichi's shedding of his superstitions (says so much with so little)
and the adorably hilarious-awkward bath scenes.
Also the massively endearing characters
and the winsome (who would have thought I'd ever get to use that word, lol) soundtrack.
Ended too soon tbh.
oh mj ilu

arashi - back with a vengeance.

Music Lovers 2011.11.06:
(And yes, 'live' in both senses of the word,
because I am pretty sure what I just watched was not lip-syncing-Arashi.)
Everyone sounded good.
(Ohno was on-point,
and how much do I love that they didn't take the easy way out,
i.e. pairing Sho with Ohno?
Because Sho and Nino actually sound amazing together, as do Ohno and Jun.)
Everyone looked good.
Together - UNF.)

And. Ohmiya. Forever screwing with Sho's mind. :D

Meikyuu seems to be a classic case of wonderful choreo
elevating a so-so song to greater heights.
The steps were so interesting, I barely noticed any of the song's awkwardness.
And Arashi obviously worked hard, because the choreo was executed perfectly...
okay, NEAR-perfectly,
because Arashi would not be Arashi without the occasional awkward-penguin!mistake.
I really liked how the performance came across as
professional but not stifled.

I absolutely adore Harry/Aliona.
(Speaking of Harry,
it's hilarious how one's favourite childhood bands
come back to haunt one every once in a while.
Danny looks SO DIFFERENT, and apparently Tom is going to get married soon?!
...I'm getting old.)
I would like Chelsee/Pascha if Chelsee weren't so annoying,
and Holly/Artem's routines are tres fabulous.
All in all, exciting stuff.

Finished Yankee-kun to Megane-chan -
was pretty bored by all the implausible manga devices by the end,
though I still maintain that Naka Riisa is adorable.
Starting back up on Watashitachi no Kyokasho,
and devouring Youkai Ningen Bem as soon as it's released
(Kame is great in this, and... I don't know.
The whole enterprise is just so bittersweet that
you can't help but feel for the characters,
third-rate CGI notwithstanding).

Kpop nugus: Following MYNAME's shows,
and finding the AA guys vaguely creepy (IDEK, ><).

Jpop nugus: cannot get into Sexy Zone despite trying hard.
(Hahaha, pun very much unintended.)
They are just way too young.
oh mj ilu

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So this is going to be an
everything-scrambled-together sort of post,
because, simply put, I haven't updated in ages.

First, a long-overdue tribute to FP.net
(technically, this extends to FF.net as well):
perhaps the hugest obstacle to great A-level results,
precisely because I spend so much time on it ><,
but also hitherto one of the mainstays of my past 5-6 years
and a site that would leave a gaping hole in my life
should it decide to shut down (touchwoodtouchwood).

Of course, grammatically-incorrect
and plothole-riddled writings abound
in startlingly-large amounts (as per any writing site),
but it's all worth it when I stumble upon first-rate writing.

Where would I be without
(and here I shamelessly plug my favourite authors)
Myrika? Kendal? mydryrdrlngs?
And one-shots that are hopelessly cliche
but leave you with that warmth?
And the feeling that comes when a fantastic author -
especially one that has been missing for the past X months -

Escapism+good fics make for what I seriously, seriously consider
one of the best types of R&R around.
(Not to mention that I can truthfully say that what I know about
plot development, dialogue, character development etc.
are mostly courtesy of this site.)

I respect moms that give up their careers
to stay at home with their kids.

I really do.

I was trying to imagine sacrificing a high-flying career
(with all the added status and financial independence)
for a homemaker's life
(which really isn't the most appreciated, or the most glamorous),
and I don't know if I will be able to do it
if I ever am forced to choose.

And not to be old-fashioned,
but being a kid with a stay-at-home mom,
I speak from personal experience
when I agree that moms should stay at home.
Not to say that kids without stay-at-home moms turn out JDs
(because that's obviously not true)
but I do think the emotional support and the resulting closeness are irreplaceable.
Plus, the practicalities -
meals, academics, Web supervision, transport -
these are things that stay-at-home moms would be able to help with,
which would free up time for the kid to improve in other areas.

(But, of course, to be more politically-correct,
this would not exclude the possibility of stay-at-home dads.)

American Idol's new season is amazing.
It's so cool to watch the talented ones sing
and just blow people away.
Four words:
Danny Gokey. Adam Lambert.

Today's church service was a wonderful experience for me.
The congregational singing really made me reflect.

Thank you GOD, for your grace.

CTs are around the corner (2 SHORT WEEKS LEFT)
and I haven't started studying.
And H3 test results are being released tomorrow.
I'm freaking out - about now.

ARGH I'll just pray and hope fervently
that everything will work out fine.