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oh mj ilu


Just finished the last episode of In Time With You -
and, ack, so many ~feelings~ right now.
There are still some things about You Qing's and Da Ren's relationship
that I think are unhealthy,
oh mj ilu

*deep breath* okay.

you awesome person with truckloads of talent
and an utter lack of the attitude/initiative to match.
It seems as if, every time I start drawing away from Arashi,
you're always the one to bring me back. <3
Never stop painting. Or fishing. Or dancing.

So the 11.11.11 Meikyuu Music Station appearance
was essentially a bunch of amazing.
Sho's impromptu attempt at Sexy Zone's choreo, for one
(and Jun's/Nino's not-so-secret LOL-ing,
and Sho's self-important thumbs-up, and. Ohno's FACE).

And: the Mini Sta.
- Ohno's totally random peace signs. And FACES. (Seriously, Ohno, seriously.)
- Aiba's hilarious karaoke episodes!
- And, can I just say,
I adore the way they lovingly prod Sho/poke fun at him/adjust his clothing
when he's asked to introduce the song. xD
And how Sho is clearly happy with all the ~attention~ from his bandmates.

But the highlight - the talky bits.
- Oh, Ohno. 'And after 12 years, even the nostril hairs will grow, yes?'
Sho jumps in to explain away the weirdness, Jun looks vaguely scandalised,
Nino throws a sarcastic comment or two,
and Aiba is half a beat behind everyone else
but cracks up heartily when he does get it.
- Sho. Burning candles in his green room.
Burning CANDLES in his green room, like NISHINO KANA does.
And Nino, labelling it an 'urban legend'.
I love this already.
- Tamori putting Sexy Zone on the spot
by asking them if they'd want to emulate Sho's candle-burning ways.
(Lol, poor Shiori.
You could tell he wasn't quite sure how to
avoid offending Sho and give an honest answer at the same time.
ANDAND OT, but Shiori is qt. You can tell he's taking it upon himself -
as a centre -
to lead/speak up, even though he doesn't always know what to say. xD)
*Sexy Zone look vaguely horrified*
Aiba: 'It's for Sexy Zone's sake! So they can be sexier.' (WHAT, AIBA.)
Sho: 'Right, the sexy part.' (?!!)
Jun: 'But that outfit is not sexy!' (THANK YOU, Jun.)
Aiba: 'No, no, no! There were many sexy spots on it!' (This was where I truly cracked up.)
- Aiba and the woodcraft dolls -
And Matsujun, being annoyed while being... happy.
Aww these guys will forever be adorable, even if they're nearly 30.
-Sho placing a fatherly arm over Marius' shoulders. xD
(I really, really want to see this guy with kids of his own.)

Recently watched various Shiyagare eps,
and ack when this show is good, IT'S GOOD.
I love it when (a) guests come and ACTUALLY teach Arashi a new, useful skill
(because Arashi is more interested, and I get to learn something too)
and/or (b) the guests are familiar with Arashi (HIJINKS.).
Notable episodes this round:
20 (Ayanokoji Kimimaro), 23 (Yashima Norito), 25 (Miyane Seiji) (THIS EPISODE. BEST EVER.),
30 (Neptune), 31 (Higashiyama).

A little K8-ish (i.e. v. boisterous; the ad-libbed shouts.
Btw, I love how ad-libbing in Arashi-speak
means adding the strangest things to the track,
whereas in Kpop it refers to variations on the melody?
Haha, the differences in priorities. xD),
but the contents are well and truly Arashi,
and - believe me - what you see on the label is exactly what you get.
HEARTS, as always.

Stuck on In Time With You.
I am such a sucker for BFFs-turned-lovers stories.
It reminds me of 9 End 2 Outs, actually -
maybe not exactly on the same level
(less-believable male lead/less-realistic inter-character relationships,
a script which leans dangerously to this side of pretentious),
but nevertheless a step up from most other dramas.
oh mj ilu

the post-A's(!!!) to-do list:

1. Watch Grey's Anatomy S4 so that I can return the boxed set to Shuf
(It's been gathering dust on my study desk for close to a year, I think? ><)
and have fun with Mom squawking in disapproval and righteous outrage
at truckloads of blatant sex and That Lesbian Relationship.

2. Lose weight. Lots of it.
And because the SMART goal-setting process says to list concrete steps,
- Sit-ups! A progressive increase, beginning from 20 and adding 10 every day. LIKE AN AP.
- Gym running workouts! Again, build it up progressively, maybe starting with 2.4km.
- Less food! i.e. no more suppers, no more angkukueh, no more fried food.
- Weights!

3. Change the glasses and remove all unsightly hair from my form.

4. Finish reading my Psych textbook,
play catch-up with the dormant mile-high stack
of Time and Economist on the red trolley,
then settle down to the tons of fiction
I haven't gotten the chance to read.
Free up shelf-space for more book&music sprees.

5. Clear my table (yesyes).

6. Go for lunch + a 5-hour-long Kbox session with K and co. + dinner.
(The first one I will be able to stay for the entirety of.)

7. Salvage all the relationships
that have been set aside/destroyed this year and the last.

8. Learn how to play the drums.

9. Bleach and Death Note (shinigami!)
and JDRAMAS JDRAMAS (Yamada Taro, Ryusei,
My Boss My Hero, Tokyo Dogs).

10. And, of course, complete US apps and scholarship apps and
apply for internships and/or jobs (ooh, the possibilities).

I WILL emerge from 2009 a new (and vastly improved) person.

Earlier tonight, heard this really pretty line
on the mega-long, mega-weepy Taiwanese drama Love that Nainai is watching,
which made me cry and cry and cry some more.
in the vein of those lines I used to memorise for Chinese compositions.
There was also a really pretty song,
but I can't recall it now.

I love it when books and TV serials and movies make me cry.
It's like my heart is scrunching up on itself,
in a nice way. :)
oh mj ilu

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Promos are descending upon us.

It has taken time,
but I finally feel more at home with my class.
I have friends -
friends that do care,
though they sometimes put me on the proverbial (and vastly-undeserved) academic pedestal.
It's a comforting feeling.

But it feels as if my class life revolves around moral dilemmas.
Do we bully someone when he is asking for it?
Do we bitch/gossip about others just because we can?

Why don't I have the courage to STICK UP FOR MY FREAKING BELIEFS
and say what I think?

That if G wants to be weird/cut off clumps of his hair/
not wash his hair/be obnoxious/purposely mumble/
nitpick about lesson content (and the list goes on)
we should just leave him be?

Fine - avoid him because of the stink,
don't talk to him,
don't work with him,
ignore his questions,
get angry (I find myself extremely guilty of this) -
but don't make fun of him excessively
by exaggerating your reactions to him,
or by making a big deal out of his every action.
If you don't like what he's doing, tell him upfront:
and if he doesn't change that's his own problem.

Now I just have to work up the guts to tell the others that.

On other things -
and I have been meaning to post this for a while now -
I have been watching It Started With A Kiss,
and it does live up to the hype.
Hilarious moments aplenty, the occasional crazysweetness
that would make even the most stonehearted go awww,
cute characters (even though Xiang Qin's stupidity
does get a bit grating at times and Joe Cheng's acting
is not what I would call Oscar-worthy (jin1 ma3 jiang3 worthy?)).

But all these don't change the fact that
the plot is highly unbelievable.
Though you can say that Zhi Shu's intelligence
needs to be counter-balanced by Xiang Qin's innocence/passion,
I just cannot see how their relationship can work out.
An IQ of 200 versus an IQ of 75?
From the get-go:
What are they going to talk about?
What do they have in common?
How do they even communicate on the same wavelength?
Won't he have to drag her through life,
cleaning up after her/teaching her how to do basic things?

In a non-manga reality,
I think that the frustration and overwork
would result in Zhi Shu packing and leaving.

My point: for a relationship to work,
intellectual similarities need to be present.
Not that both parties must be geniuses,
but a basic level of comprehension must be there.

Here, it's just her doing self-sacrificial/cutesy things for him
and him being touched.

How is that enough for a lifetime?
oh mj ilu


It occurs to me that I have not updated
for close to 3 months.
Maybe real life's catching up;
or maybe I'm outgrowing escapism.
(I wish.)

Well, the thing termed 'recently' has been pretty uneventful.
Unless you count the sad fact that
and that
I am currently afflicted by
a terribly-congested nose and a sore throat.
A happy person a sick person does not make.

I am in the midst of watching
the Japanese version of Hana Kimi
(though Hana Kimi technically came from the Japanese, but oh well)
on Youtube.

In terms of artistic and dramatic value,
the Japanese version is 10x as good as the Taiwanese one -
its characterisation and acting move beyond mere caricature
and I am far more moved by the characters' motivations
than I ever was by the Taiwanese version.
e.g. when Sano knelt down in front of
the track team to beg for another chance,
I found myself on the brink of tears.
REALLY. (Yes, I was shocked too.)

Ashiya vs. Ruixi: The Japanese scriptwriters gave Ashiya a far more believable motivation for her flying to a place halfway across the world to join an all-male school. Ashiya is by no means frivolous enough to spend her parents' money in a 'let-me-stalk-my-idol' frenzy - her enrolment is instead a bid to help someone who had in the past lost so much in the process of helping her. Horikita Maki's portrayal is also much less exaggerated than Ella's, which helps make her angst and everything else more believable as well. Though Maki looks EXACTLY like a girl (and I don't know how anyone can believe her to be otherwise), I would say Ashiya wins hands down. Plus the fact that I can't fathom how Xiuyi and Quan would think Ella looks cute in long curly wigs.

Sano vs. Quan: Let's face it, fellow Fahrenheit fans. WU ZUN CAN'T ACT for peanuts or pistachos or almonds. Oguri Shun's interpretation of Sano is less wooden than Wu Zun's (though admittedly I wouldn't say Sano is much of a dramatic challenge since he mostly wanders around looking cutely comatose, kisses when half-drunk and is occasionally sweet to Ashiya), and I really do feel the character's pain much more. Not to mention that though Oguri Shun doesn't impress upon first glance (you can see my icon), his looks really do grow on you over time and now I think he is one of the hottest guys EVER to grace my humble computer screen (the photo count stands at 53, thanks to his LJ fan community). I HEART SHUN - enough to want to watch Hana Yori Dango to see him.

Nakatsu vs. Xiuyi: I couldn't decide which one I liked better. Xiuyi is a clown, which makes his seriousness about liking Ruixi less believable but much funnier. Nakatsu's the sweetest guy, but his infatuation mostly consists of fluctuations between happiness and angst. Nakatsu's habit of hand gestures when he is explaining things to himself is lovable (and his expressions can make up an entire moodtheme xD), while Xiuyi's 'G-Y-A' quote is an instant classic.

Nanba vs. Nan2 Xue2 Zhang3: Nan2 Xue2 Zhang3 is cuter (must be Nanba's hair), but Nanba is far more well-rounded, complete with a backstory about his ex-girlfriend (another scene during which I almost cried). Nanba is funnier too.

Nakao vs. Yang Yang: THIS is where the Taiwanese scriptwriters failed. Nakao is so much more than the Nan Xue Zhang hanger-on that Yang Yang was - he's got his own pain; he's more than fodder for audience amusement. I still remember the painfully-annoying plotline of Yang Yang terrorising Ruixi at the start of her schooling because he was afraid that she would steal Nan2 Xue3 Zhang3 from him. In the Japanese version - dare I say it - Nakao was actually CUTE (in the actual sense of the word).

Kayashima vs. Da Shu: I liked the scene in which Kayashima did the palm-up thing with his Dad - it was beyond adorable. Also, the story behind Kayashima and Nakatsu's friendship was fleshed out in the Japanese version, which made it more heartwarming. Da Shu in the Taiwanese version was just a freaky-and-sort-of-cute clique member, so he was less affecting.

Okay that was a lot.
Till next!
oh mj ilu

UPDATE, for the lack of a better name.

I have been neglecting this journal for quite some time.
More than 2 months, in fact.
There were the random moments of literary inspiration,
but my wit somehow always failed me
by the time I signed into my LJ account.

School has been hectic,
to say the least.
I'm afraid to say my resolution (to study more)
hasn't held up very well,
though I would like to think I am doing more Math assignments
more than 1 day before the deadline.

Quite unexcitingly,
the most significant event
that has occurred in my 2007 life
has been the advent of Hana Kimi,
otherwise known as object-of-415-fangirling nonpareil.
(okay, what with the CoP - literally - of Japophiles,
maybe Yamapi and Ryo count as well.)

Something in my better human
tells me that I should be ashamed of myself
for actually liking - liking! - a mindless idol drama
unabashedly catering for the mindless teenage girl,
but I really do enjoy it,
idiotic plot devices and all.
Ruixi! Mei Tian! Quan! XIU YI!!!

Mom actually likes Quan.
Quote, rephrased:
'He's actually quite good-looking.
He looks like a girl!' x)

So nowadays we sit around the TV once the clock hits 7
and stare at the screen like zombies
pre-programmed to squeal at certain stimuli
and laugh at others.

Disturbingly, I have found that I am becoming more Chinese-ified.
I listen to the Chinese songs from the Hana Kimi OST,
and I actually sing them in the bathroom (!).

Addiction is a sweet feeling, sometimes.
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