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Physically incapable of tearing myself away.
The MV is a little hard to swallow, but the song coupled with the visuals - just heartbreaking, and gorgeously so.
oh mj ilu

it's just the holidays.

The holidays have not been satisfying,
or, at least, not as satisfying
as I thought they would be.

I finally got the Scissor Sisters CD (thanks to C).
It is fantabulouso,
even though - as I just discovered -
the group is named after a sexual position.

The lyrics are pretty much great,
and even though the tunes are slightly samey,
they're all hideously catchy.
(Like Freeze&Melt.xD)

Andand: the one emo-ish song -
'Land of a Thousand Words' -
which is a must-hear purely because of its novelty
and its bewitching lyrics.
I am serious.

PB has been eating up my life.
Chomping, in fact.

AGM tomorrow, and I'm not prepared
for my HR briefing. And,
as if that weren't enough,
I'm currently worrying about the most inane thing:
what sort of verbal diarrhoea is going to occur
during the buddy session.

I bought The Dante Club from Borders recently
upon my sister's recommendation.
It is fascinating and nauseatingly-gory.
(Going by my dad's Crimewatch-esque reading tastes,
the two are usually inseperable. Hee.)

Don't read it anywhere near the dinnertable,
unless you can stomach descriptions of flesh-eating maggots
and slit penises/noses/ears/cheeks
without drawing parallels to whatever's on your plate
at that unfortunate moment.

&, we're running to each's own regret
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oh mj ilu

of off-days and fantastic teachers.

I have rediscovered the Tori Amos magic.
I enjoy her music so much more than I used to,
especially the slow-paced songs -
Angels, Silent All These Years,
Winter, Snow Cherries From France -
and the occasional creepy song
a la Mr. Zebra.

One can only take so much of Al Gore before
one falls asleep.

Which I did. For all of three times.

He's a charismatic speaker,
but please. AIT was so obviously a Gore vehicle
rather than a global warming one.

I think Ms P strikes the right balance between
ferocious efficiency/ferocity in general
and empathy.
I respect her veryvery much for that,
and I think we really couldn't have gotten a better PB mistress.

Today she was coming down on me for some HR stuff,
and the combined stress just got to me for a moment
and I had one of my rare very-embarrassing public breakdowns.
The feeling of being around someone
who doesn't pry/psychoanalyze (at least not openly) -
who knew exactly what to say at the opportune moments -
who actually seemed to genuinely care -
and who dispensed anecdotes to cheer me up
when it was evident I wasn't going to share anytime soon -

was nothing short of wonderful.
She's really a great listener.

Methinks I might take her up on her offer to talk,
someday. When I get past all my idiotic barriers.
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oh mj ilu

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It always mystifies me;
how Man always seems to misinterpret random
heart-stirring moments
as some sort of spiritual awakening.

You know,
and ta-dah! I'm saved and hallelujah PTL PTL.

(never mind if you didn't understand that)

Speaking of which,
I want the Scissor Sisters album pretty badly.
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oh mj ilu

just one of those off days.

You know something is wrong
when you want the apocalypse to come
just to get away from life and school.

Got back my report slip today;
it's the worst set of grades I've ever gotten in the past 8 years.
By far.

I really, really love mom and dad,
for not scolding me beyond the initial 15 minutes.
I was beating myself up about it enough
without the additional fists.

I don't know if it's PB,
or my attitude,
or my spiritual life - i.e. GOD is not helping me.

And I don't know what I'm doing nowadays.
Maybe when school reopens I'll make a trip down to Ms Rona.

And the million-dollar question:
should I still vie for HR Head?

But for now, to take my own advice,
I shall construct an action plan to tide me over the hols.
1) Finish studying for Math SA.
2) Finish reading/annotating LotF and do the quiz on Sparknotes.
3) Read the newspapers everyday.
4) Do Bio PT
5) Read the CL zuowen books that Jie will get for me.
6) Do the 7 baozhangbaodaos/xiaolianbis that I owe ah-zhang.
7) Find out Physics and Chem topics for 2nd Semester. Study in (wayway) advance.

(BE TERRIBLY KIASU, basically.)

Arcade Fire is growing on me.
When I first bought it I didn't like it as much as Set Yourself On Fire,
but now when I listen to it it's pretty much fantastic.
(Especially that weird French song Une Annee Sans Lumiere. <3)

As part of my plan,
I will go and read LotF NOW.

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