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Okay, so I kindasorta REALLY like Skip Beat!(!!!).
Most of the shojo manga I've read were torture to get through -
chains of deux ex machina
seemingly created for the express purpose of developing the ~romance~,
and annoying female characters half-in-love with people they barely knew.

The decision to group all shojo manga into that category was obviously premature.
Skip Beat! has proved that that's not always the case:
I love the way Mogami's obviously touched in the head and over-the-top
but enthusiastic/eager and absolutely adorable.
Her inner monologues
(and the way the manga makes the whole devils-/
angels-on-your-shoulders thing literal -
stroke of genius there)
never fail to make me laugh.
And the dedication typically reserved for the male lead
is here directed at her job
(and she kicks ass at it xD <3).
The conflicts, again, revolve around acting and the various people she meets,
not OOH-she-met-the-male-lead-on-the-train!.
(And it's cool how acting here is treated as srs!bsns:
all the stuff about the characters' motivations, and getting into their skins,
makes things so interesting.)

I even enjoy the romance bits,
because the MogamiXRen dynamic is remarkably healthy.
There's dislike and annoyance at first,
but that slowly develops into mutual respect
before Ren acknowledges his feelings(!!squee).
I haven't reached the end of the available chapters yet,
but I am told that they still haven't gotten together at this point!
Yay :) It'll be a fun ride.

And I love Ren to pieces.
He's not the stereotypical perfect male -
he's a wonderful actor, yes,
but he has his faults and occasional breakdowns (Katsuki, anyone?).
It makes him all the hotter when he comes out on top of it all, IMHO. xD

Can't wait to read more :):):)
Then onward to One Piece and Fullmetal and CCS and Durarara!!.

Watching Bartender as the subs are released,
and liking it far more than I thought I would.
1. Aiba Masaki is absolutely gorgeous -
no one can persuade me otherwise.
2. And while Aiba's acting won't be winning awards anytime soon
cool!drinks and Kanjiya Shihori (who is A++ amazing)
more than make up for any shortcomings.
I would say it is definitely worth a watch -
if not for the stories/Kanjiya, than just for the sake of ogling Aiba
I was watching the Scene con for the nth time
and 'AIBA IS HOT' just hit me again and again throughout?!).

...and yes, I am aware -
and have come to a grudging acceptance -
of the fact that my fangirly ramblings make me sound ten. xP

Also, I must be the only person around
who thinks that Matsushita Yuya looks a little like a creeper.
Nevertheless, Bird and Paradise are gorgeous songs. :):)
oh mj ilu

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Reactions to the Music Station Lotus performance:
- Okay, they are definitely not singing live.
Wouldn't have expected otherwise, though,
given the copious amounts of srs!dancing Lotus requires.
- BUT. Oh, the dancing.
I am happy but oh-so-bewildered.
Of course, the grace with which the moves are executed varies across individuals
but I would say they have them pretty much down pat.
It's excellent,
especially given that this is the first TV performance of Lotus.
(Remember the hot mess that was the Love Rainbow equivalent?)

P.S. Fanboy!Jun displaying his affection is the most adorable thing ever.
Even if said displays have to be instigated by Aiba. xDD
And Jun looked so embarrassed afterward - ack the cute kills. <333

I finished Monster in 2 days.
There's depth, and character development,
and emotion, and excitement,
and while Tenma is basically your perfect~ human being
every other person is flawed and lovely.
My heart twinged so many times,
and Grimmer made me cry. Twice.
The plot trappings got way too convoluted for my lousy brain,
but the themes and the action pushed me along
while I frantically tried to wrap my head around
what happened to whom at what time.
Would recommend this to anyone.