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riidaa <3

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Come As You Are. <33 So soothing, and Hanhae's voice(!!).
Plus that MV is literally awkward fluff from start to finish, ha.
Phantom's lives don't quite hit the spot for me but their music's always so reliably good.

Speaking of soothing things,
the live version of Shoulder was pretty much stuck on repeat yesterday.
(Because BYG recs are clearly just the thing for germy, annoyed-at-myself days lol.)
Sigh everything is so uncertain atm and/or several levels of DNW (to do, haha)
that I just want to curl up and conveniently hibernate my way into 2014.

I bet that if I had tags <5 of them would be in usage, lmao.
Narrow interests...
oh mj ilu

someone hold me

Goodness, I'm actually super-excited for the upcoming music releases.
There's Ga In, and Epik High, and the Spyair collab and Ieiri Leo's album AND POPCORNNN
October couldn't come sooner.

This was just shared on Arama.
I find Chara's voice rather grating, as a general rule,
but ugh THIS -
this is chips-away-at-your-soul, wrings-you-dry beautiful.
I could watch it forever.
oh mj ilu

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Ugh I detest it when people jump on one comment displaying insensitive behaviour
conveniently ignoring the fact that an entire string of other fans
have already rushed to decry that particular comment
(in the same thread, no less).
I'm no Pollyanna,
but even I can tell that some doomsday sentiments are just excessive.

Also -
and I say this as a non-NEWS-fan,
because fans would clearly add their emotions/observations of the band's past behaviour
into the mix
(and I don't judge them for it, because I would be the same way if Arashi split) -
whatever the reasons for Pi's and Ryo's departures,
I respect that they did what they thought was best for their careers.
Because that's what JE ultimately is - a talent agency.
Of course, you can question the wisdom behind idols' career choices,
e.g. if Yamapi actually has what it takes to go solo,
but that's a whole other issue altogether.
While it's all well and good for fans to perceive our intra-boyband friendships as all BFF-y/one-for-all,
eventually even idols have got to ask themselves,
'What's best for me in the long-term?
What will give me a comfortable life, post screaming-fangirls?'
Ryo's conserving his energy (and investing it where the money is),
Pi's striking while the iron is hot.

I can't stop myself. <333
oh mj ilu

maybe i’m the only lonely island

Tablo's Airbag has dropped.
I don't know enough of Epik High's music to make any comparisons,
but I'm so glad I listened to it.
Such stillness - sad, sad beauty - condensed into a few lines.

If someone was to be by my side, would there be enough of me to share?
Ack, now I kind of want to cry.
oh mj ilu

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Just read the Tablo article posted on Omona.
Never knew how bad the situation had been -
it's utterly disgusting,
the extent to which people can go in an attempt to destroy a life.
Wtf, world. Wtf, humankind.