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oh mj ilu


Watching W no Higeki was such an awesomely-cathartic experience -
exhausted now, tbqh.


- Such a satisfying ending.

- Was not expecting the twist, goodness. O.O

- LovedlovedLOVED the moment when Satsuki accepted her mom on her own terms ('okaa-san'),
not as Satsuki-masquerading-as-Mako ('okaa-sama') or as Satsuki-from-before ('ano haha').
I think that, aside from the realisation that her mother loved both the twins
(Yoshie stabbed Michihiko because he had (a) planned to make Mako take the fall from the start
and (b) tried to kill 'Satsuki',
plus she had fought for Satsuki to be kept),
she had also developed some respect for the mother
whom she thought had accepted the scapegoat-ing nonsense because she was cowardly
but had in actual fact been protecting someone of her own.
(OT, but that scene where Mine tells 'Mako' that the W-tattoo is not
a symbol of Watsuji family ownership but a sign of the mother-daughter bond?
So marvellously-executed.)

- The actor playing Masaki-sensei was twitchy. ><
And the actress playing Mama
was an older, heavier version of Quan Yifeng lololol.
It was so distracting. xD

- I can pinpoint the exact moment when creepy!stalker detective won me over -
when he believed Satsuki's claim to innocence
(over the stereotypical expectations he had placed on her from the start)
and reinvestigated Hidaka's death.
(Of course, him throwing himself in the path of Michihiko's knife also helped. xD)
I think he and Mako getting together would have destroyed the tone of the conclusion,
so I'm not too broken up about that,
though I like to think that they reunited at some point
(otherwise... sigh, all that chemistry gone to waste ;__;).

- There was not nearly as much tragedy as I expected.
And not nearly enough to justify the title, haha.
And although the drama kept trumpeting the 'woe betide doppelgangers who dare to switch lives' message,
the majority of the events that occurred seemed more necessary than anything:
to expose the skeletons of the seemingly-perfect family,
to slap some of the naivete/passivity out of Mako,
to bring Satsuki some peace.
The U-turn from all-out drama
towards quieter 'finding-my-place-in-the-world'/rite-of-passage business
was more to my taste anyway, so I'm not complaining,
but I'd imagine that the proceedings would be a little disappointing for soap lovers
given the false advertising/the premise's potential for ridiculous hijinks.
It could have pushed the boundaries far more than it did.

- I still don't get why Michihiko had to try to kill Satsuki?
Even if Satsuki had been acknowledged as a member of the Watsuji family,
wouldn't it be a problem for the next generation,
when Satsuki and Mako fight for the inheritance
I'd assume he wasn't too concerned about Mako's wellbeing)?
It wouldn't change the fact that Yoshie would still get the inheritance in the interim - i.e. he would still be able to obtain funding for his research/
do whatever he wanted Yoshie to get the inheritance for.
oh mj ilu

夏だよHONEY!! High high high~

Can't wait for summer break.

Waded into W no Higeki.
Makjang in eight episodes, anyone?
Lol I actually need to take day-long breathers between episodes -
a fact I find simultaneously hilarious and sad
(I'm never going to be able to survive Byakuyakou, am I).
The fourth episode actually had some (surprisingly excellent!) bits of humour,
but I'm not counting on this being a lasting trend.

And Kiritani Kenta is WORKING that scruff.
So the character's a jerk, but at least he's an attractive one. /forever shallow

Kagiheya's ninth episode was a case of one step forward, ten steps back.
Legal High's fared better:
we got (slightly) more depth to Komikado + a fairly-interesting conflict,
so no complaints there.
For me, watching dramas as they're released // buying stocks -
I bet on the ones I think are going to be good,
but even they're not I still end up sticking with them till the bitter end
hoping that the next episode (or the next, or the next...)
will be the start of an upswing.