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Shitsuren, ep3:
Yay for less insufferable characters this ep! (Small victories!! Lmao.)
I liked the glimpse into Saeko's lonely-taitai existence;
now I can kind of understand where she's coming from
even if I don't necessarily agree with her coping mechanisms.
Elena continues to be the best thing about this drama,
sweet and idealistic and just all-round qt. ;;

Several bright spots in this show (besides Elena):
1. Humour that approaches parody (such moments are few and far between, unfortunately).
2. The awareness it has re: its own structure -
e.g. loose parallels across different characters' scenes within the same ep.
3. The colouring!! So so pretty :3
4. Sometimes it throws out unexpectedly deep musings?
(Well... I can't think of any offhand, so they can't have been very impactful.
But I swear they're there, lol.)