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Thoughts on the RMPW finale.

Okay, first:
1. I DETESTED the way they resolved the Asahina storyline.
It's that easy to regain lost trust, drama? SERIOUSLY?
And ugh they reduced Asahina's motivations to whiny Natsui-induced attention-seeking.
(Come on, this is a grown and obviously highly-intelligent man - give him more credit.
The long-stewing jealousy angle [weren't they playing this all along?]
would have been far more believable/impactful.)
The way Shun acted during that whole jail visit scene was also kind of OOC,
one of the very few moments his acting in this series didn't quite hit the spot for me.

2. I am going to CUT the next scriptwriter who slots in an airport chase scene.
(Or, in fact, anyone who pulls the tired she's-/he's-moving-to-another-country nonsense.)
Though this particular scriptwriter is forgiven
purely because I loved the bit in which Natsui thinks Hyuga's shouting at her from the phone.
(And how it was mirrored - intentionally, hopefully? - in the last scene,
when he thinks her voice is issuing forth from the computer. So qttt <3)
Note-perfect comedy.

3. I love the tangent Hyuga's growth takes throughout this series -
that he learns that people are at the heart of whatever we do,
be it interface design, or running a business,
or being in a partnership
(which is part of why I found the pat resolution to the Asahina conflict such a letdown).
And that he learns this - at least partly - from Natsui.
(And the way they showcased this in the last ep?
When he could accurately name all the Next Innovation employees AND remember Yasuoka's birthday?
Dying from the cute.)
And I love how this lesson is integrated with other parts of the show,
e.g. Hyuga's reference in this last ep to how technology helps to reduce distance between the two of them,
and how the whole setup of the Personal File Project arises from his search for his mom.
It's nice that the best consequences Hyuga encounters
arise from the moments in which he follows his heart
(e.g. the hiring of Natsui, the investment in Sakaguchi's work).

4. I know I've said this a thousand times before,
but I adored the HyugaXNatsui interactions.
These two were so rootable-for and infectious and WARM
that even their push-pull/I-won't-say-what-I-mean arguments were heartwrenchingly-wonderful to watch.
Satomi and Shun were AMAZING;
I don't think I've seen Shun in a role that fit him more, really.
That last scene, in which the two see each other again and grin+hug?
So much lovelier than it had any reason to be. <3
(It's interesting that there were moments there that reminded me of Jun's acting?
Hmmm idek lol.)
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There's a touch of the raw -
and unexpectedly-wondrous -
in grey days and stained faux-Victorian gold paint-edged walls and graffiti under bridges.
Sometimes I think this would never be home,
other times I think home could never be like this.

The RMPW tag on tumblr is a glorious mash of kiss gifs and 'I DON'T WANT IT TO END's.
Can't wait for the subs;
straight-up romcoms aren't usually my thing
(neither is the wishy-washiness of this particular romance)
but the characters populating this are so awfully endearing.

My fondness for WGM has been reawakened, hahaha.
SunhwaXKwanghee are hilarious.
I still can't stand the 'aww-look-how-much-they-love-each-other-already' commentators
or the overly-scripted couple-y stuff
(e.g. overdone bickering
[though it IS funny that most pairs would be facing the opposite problem],
that airport goodbye scene)
but they are absolutely awesome when they're mucking around bff-style
and so obviously on the same wavelength. <33

And there's JoonXOh Yeon Seo.
I don't particularly fancy the fated-couple angle they're playing up
but I like Joon, and I like how she messes with him.
And how they decided to call each other by their real names -
which should be less adorable than it is, really. :3
oh mj ilu

i regret nothing.

It hits all my spots:
a strong main character, villains I detest/love in equal measure,
poignant character backstories (JIMINY CRICKET ;___;)...
fairy tale retellings.
The all-important question: how did I manage to avoid starting this earlier?

Then there's Rich Man, Poor Woman,
with its done-to-death premise and over-the-top episode titles.
Succumbed to the temptation (aka Shun, lol) to try the first episode,
and now I'm on the fifth and thoroughly hooked, haha. xD

The things I find problematic were unexpectedly so
(Hyuga's scientifically-baseless 'prosopagnosia', reminiscent of nonsensical T-drama plot devices,
cliched editing at the worst possible moments,
various side characters' acting),
while the development of the HyugaXfake!Sawaki relationship is actually really believable
(he's the head in the clouds, she's the feet planted firmly on the ground/the ear to it,
and they connect on a level whose cute has to be seen to be believed B)).
I'm looking forward to seeing how the Asahina-Hyuga dynamic plays out as well.

And I LOVE that the characters are slightly off your standard romcom tropes.
For instance, Ishihara Satomi is awkward -
not in the K-drama heroine you-are-meant-to-find-this-adorable sort of way,
but so-awkward-it-makes-you-slightly-uncomfortable-on-her-behalf
(and is all the more awesome for it) -
and obviously not averse to ugly-crying if the situation calls for it. <3
And Hyuga's jerk-itude arises from uncompromising work standards and/or childish eccentricity,
not some inner sense of entitlement.