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(no subject)

Jan. 18th, 2017 | 03:51 am

I love this so much!!

3 dramas, best to worst.

1. N no Tame Ni
I read that it wasn't quite faithful to the book,
and we could have done without the central whodunit (it was more of a 'whydunit' anyway)
and all the banging away at 'N',
Almost everything else was gorgeous:
How good was the acting. HOW GOOD WAS THE ACTING.
Kubota Masataka, Koide Keisuke... forever criminally underrated.
And, how do we love?
(And, more superficially, for us viewers/Nozomi:
Which is the person you love - the one you protect, or the one you're willing to be protected by?)
Asks the big questions, and (rightfully) doesn't leave us with easy answers.
A happier, more palatable version of Byakuyakou.
Beautifully shot too(!).

2. Nigehaji
Loved it all the way up to ep8,
when the pacing went haywire and it became a tick-box exercise in politically-correct opinions
(though it still had its moments).
Nevertheless, Hiromasa and Mikuri - and their adorable love story - are the heart of this.
Ordinary, awkward, fallible, with the weirdest of internal dialogues...
in other words, us.
Just a whole lot cuter (which is what romcoms are for, aren't they?).
My favourite bits remain Mikuri's underwear haiku and capybara comparison :'D
Yuri and Kazama were also great for the occasional sprinkling of introspective dialogue/chemistry

3. The latest season of Sherlock
Some redeeming moments (few and far between),
but plagued by the same problems as the past few seasons -
basically, that Moffat thinks he's way smarter than he actually is.
Painfully apparent, whether in the tired jokes about Sherlock and Mycroft and Mary,
the overused writing-in-the-air device,
or in the crimes (logic-defying, not Sherlock-esque at all -
hilariously, the last episode didn't even require that much deduction).
I don't know why I keep watching this.

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