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Double Tone, finale:
Ended on a neat - if predictable - note.
One thing: didn't understand why Tamura Yumi WOULDN'T retain awareness of Nakano Yumi,
since only the future was changed?
Unless the whole scenario was reset once the problem was solved,
but sigh can you say unnecessary. :(

東京の空 takes off all my rough edges.
Perfect song, perfect drama. ;;

Music Bank:
Oh wow M.jup just stole every single frame he was in (way kid moves is smouldering *O*).
The MV should've just been them dancing -
then it wouldn't even have had the /chance/ to devolve into an incoherent mess.
Also: Junhong rapping in CS like that kid we all know
who is too embarrassed to take his school play lines seriously lol.

ALL THESE OHNO MAG SPREADS :Q___ gotta catch 'em all

oh mj ilu

black swan green

Toned-down Mitchell?! BEHOLD, IT EXISTETH
Haha but seriously.
There /is/ a sort of veneer of strangeness to some events,
but this fits with the boy-narrator
and Taylor - his struggles, his weaknesses, his choices - are vastly relatable. <3
Rings a lot truer than Mitchell's typical outlandish scenarios
(there's clearly emotional attachment here),
and it's nice to get away a little from his pet themes (apart from the indulgent self-references).

Characteristic diction and humour are still present
(where else would you find such scraps of literary genius as
'an awkward cow of a pause mooed' and 'as blotchy as a dying banana' lolol),
just age-appropriate and far more down-to-earth.

Woman, ep4:
This sprung some pleasant surprises.
The whole 'is Shin a molester' question was resolved in a hugely satisfying way,
and ohh the beauty of that juxtaposition of the Ugikuku story (ALL THE TEARS) -
even if I could have done without the sickness cliche itself, sigh
(Mitsushima Hikari is so frightfully thin here ;;).

Double Tone, ep5:
Lmao A++ for the most awkward kiss ever but drama remains fantastic;
I can't wait for the next ep.

Starman, ep3:
I take back what I said earlier - this ep was really cute. /OTL
I think I've gotten more used to Sawa.

OT but I wish someone were subbing DOCTORS 2,
it's getting solid ratings and S1 was really fun(ny). :((
EDIT: EHHH was just saying this and ep1 has been subbed, this is great
oh mj ilu

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Double Tone, ep3:
Asdfljw *O**O*

OTOH - Starman, ep2:
This setup makes me uncomfortable,
both logically (girl you're not even going to put together a less holey story beforehand?)
and in terms of the views espoused.
'Women aren't interested in what's "right"'? REALLY, baa-chan?
Hammer in that stereotype of women being emotional, flighty creatures, won't you.
And a single mother takes a random man she knows ZILCH about
into a home with three kids and an elderly lady?
I get the whole lonely/tired thing, but - quite frankly - that's utterly irresponsible.
(Dai is the sole sane voice in this shebang.)
Plus, did you not consider how unfair it would be to the dude
to force him into a life that isn't his/that he might not be suited for,
and to lie to him pretty much every other sentence?
The kids are qts but. Eurgh D:

Lmao these Strawberry Night shorts -
this franchise is so fab I can't.

Watched (IS THERE A SYNONYM FOR THIS lol I feel like I've used this word way too many times for comfort) Gohatto,
which turned out far more arresting than the plot synopsis/filming style would suggest.
Shozaburo's inscrutability (and thus, ambiguity) as a main character made pm every event intriguing
(a tumblr [? I think] user - 'I still don't know if he was the victim or a little shit' hahaha).
That very last ending scene (with the Beat Takeshi monologue) should have been cut.
Lmao I'm trying to banish it from memory as I type this -
it did absolutely nothing besides cheapen the rest of the film. >:(