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Ender's Game was a near-religious experience, lol.
Doubtless (sadly so), nowhere as rich as the source material
(ugh they cut out most of the backstory [I WANT MORE PETER/VALENTINE :((]
and skimmed Battle School life,
and quite a few lines sound disappointingly cheesy/overwrought out of context),
but it was absolutely magical to see the (gorgeous) imaginings of
the Battle Room and space battle scenes and Formic worlds and the Giant game,
and to be able to put faces to names.
It felt as if I'd see the book with new clarity/cohesiveness if I went back and read it now.
Sigh <3

Amachan is so cute :3
oh mj ilu

okay so this is old news but I JUST HEARD ABOUT IT so whatever

This could turn out epic, or epically bad
(and is one of those things I never thought someone would actually be ambitious enough to attempt).
The Wachowski siblings are behind the helm, for one;
also, I have no idea how they're going to preserve the structure of the book
and Mitchell's mad-genius wordplay.

My fangirl heart is a-bursting.
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How beautiful is this, goodness.

Being able to learn from teachers
who are both knowledgeable AND vastly willing to share that knowledge
is one of those privileges that should never be taken for granted.

Go For It!! is ridiculously happifying. <3
And the PV a veritable bundle of gorgeously-pink sparkles, lol. xD
(Though Kana does sorta look skinnier every time I see her...
I might be pathologising - and I hope I am - but her weight loss is slightly alarming.)

Watched The Dark Knight Rises with Dad.
Best action movie I've seen in recent memory.
Maybe the best superhero movie I've seen, ever
(not that there's much by way of competition, but).
Well-drawn plotlines, sympathetic characters, watertight acting,
that note of immensity (sometimes grave, sometimes glorious) that Nolan brings to all his films.
Add JGL's hotness to the mix, and YES CINEGASM.
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Watched the Avengers movie.
...it wasn't as good as I'd been led to believe.
Maybe it would have helped if I had actually read the relevant comics (OTL),
but - as someone who went in blind -
it felt pretty typical (standard setpieces, standard humour, standard character tropes, etc.).
I guess I prefer my superhero movies darker/with more bite,
a la the Chris Nolan Batman films.
I also wish they had developed the team thing a bit more,
because that was the most interesting plotline
and it felt as if they were butting heads one minute and working together perfectly the next.
Serviceable entertainment though.

Kana's new song!
Super-breezy/all-round adorable.
I really like it, even if it's more of the same music
and Kana's song-arrangers need to learn that
her range is not as high/wide as they seem to think it is
(watching her strain to hit the high notes in the lives makes me sad, tbh. :().

Am enjoying the Flashback/Rip Off stages so freaking much.
Questionable vocal abilities notwithstanding,
they're such charismatic performers.
And their hotness even transcends unfortunate camerawork, lol.
It defies reason.
It's funny because I remember dissing them not too long ago
(it might even have been their previous round of Korean promotions)
but this has completely reversed my opinion.

Ike's voice.
Ike's voice.
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Reading this really brought me back.
I might have said this before,
but my entire Jdrama-watching life has essentially been one neverending quest
in search of a series which could replicate the magic of NwP.
I'm not sure if I'll ever succeed.

I actually kind of want to watch the Hunger Games movie.
I still bear a longstanding grudge against the book -
purely because it turned out to be horribly-written
AFTER I had shelled out £8 for a copy (hype, remind me never to believe you) -
but I could definitely see the plot making for great setpieces. 
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Why are Korean boyband PVs so devoid of lulz?
I hear the variety shows are cracky,
but when you actually get to the PVs,
what you get is srs!posturing and gratituous chest-/arm-baring
(yes, I'm looking at you, 2PM. And Changmin's KYHD wardrobe designer.).
The sexy~ vibe is affected even when the lyrics are nonsensical.
Or just downright (ridiculously) angsty.

Okay, so maybe I'm just not in the mood for the flesh parade.
The best thing about it is Jay Chou/Kato,
and Jay Chou's acting is... well, not terribly good, to put it kindly.
(Not to mention that the movie required him to speak in ENGLISH -
slightly painful on the ears.)
He didn't have much by way of competition here, though,
and Kato at least was slightly hot.

I don't even know where to start, goodness.

Painfully-unfunny (at times, just painful) dialogue,
gags that fell flat,
a thoroughly unlikeable male lead (SUCH A DOUCHEBAG, I CAN'T EVEN. ARGH.),
cliched villains,
plotlines you could see coming a mile away/which were plain ridiculous,
action scenes that were BORING (I AM SERIOUS. First time this ever happened for me! ><)
because I simply didn't care a whit about what would happen to the characters.
Also, the way the writers oh-so-casually(!) inserted Jay Chou Talent Shows at random points
was annoying, to say the least.
(Ooh, he can spin a basketball on his finger!
Ooh, he can play the piano!
Even the mandatory action movie tech wizardry was less enjoyable than usual.

A waste of two perfectly-good hours.
I even found myself tuning out at points because watching it was too awful.
Not to mention that the gratituous explosions gave me a splitting headache.
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in which i rave about inception.

For once, 'awesome' seems too trite a description for a movie.
If I could choose an adjective,
it would be more along the lines of
Or 'sublime'.
Something pointier, with a bit more bite.

Inception is a glorious, glorious piece of cinematic beauty.
From the effects
(top-notch, c.f. that amazing shot of streets folding on each other,
which you cannot deny is utter genius)
to the characters: COBB (be still, my heart)
and the rest of the team (which are far less well-rounded but
still brilliantly-acted).
And the creepy wife, of course.
Who was, well... excellent at being creepy.

I loved how Cobb's grief and guilt
were oh-so-slowly revealed to the viewer in bits and pieces.
And how the prospect of Cobb permanently entering the dreamworld
constantly tantalised on the fringes
(extremely evocative/thought-provoking).
And the teeny flirtation between Arthur and Ariadne was too cute!
Plus, the EamesXArthur back-forth humour - tokenistic but so much love. xD
In fact, I loved all the injections of humour:
the rain joke, the running gag about Arther being kicked,
the recurring shots of the team smiling peacefully in the van as it falls in slow-mo.

The action sequences were lovely.
No shortage of villains
and nailbiting will-they-be-able-to-do-it-in-time(!) tension. :)

I admit that I was worrying about
whether the conclusion of the film would live up to the rest of the story,
but it did.
It was ambiguous and unsatisfying,
but I maintain that that was the only way it could have avoided appearing:
(a) trite; or
(b) predictable.
It was lovely how the decision whether Cobb's world was real
ultimately depended on the viewer -
and on Cobb himself (which fits the themes of the movie perfectly). :)

Yes, I didn't understand every single bit of the story.
Yes, I'm sure that if I looked closer
I would be able to spot loopholes in the technology/storyline
(such as, preliminarily, why Dom and Mal were young again on the train tracks
when they already grew old together in the dream world?
Or am I missing something?
Hahaha you can never be sure with Inception.).
And - seriously! - preventing energy market domination
is way too flimsy a premise for an undertaking this huge.
But these are minor quibbles (yes, they are!)
that shouldn't detract from the pleasures of the film,
which are - truly - immense.
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Am at work now,
and heartily sick of lit review-ing.
Relaxing a bit here before getting back to what I'm supposed to be doing. O.o

Work is more tiring than I expected it to be.
It's frustrating: after reaching home,
I just have time to catch up on Arashi news (and eat dinner)
and do a little more before crashing.
I need to get used to the routine - QUICKLY.
(Should probably have taken up something
with more flexible working hours.
Oh well.)

And BLEHH I still have those dratted UW essays to complete (three more).

I want to watch Ryusei No Kizuna
and Maou
and Last Friends. ><

Got to see Sherlock Holmes and Avatar
and both were incredibly satisfying.
SH was hilarious (and exactly what I'd imagined it to be),
and although Avatar played out like a latter-day new-age Pocahontas
and the ending could be spotted a mile away,
the sets were stunning.
I have NEVER, EVER seen such cool!animals.
(Four-eyed bird-dragons + murderous rhinos + pretty horses, woot.
And those bonds that natives can create with their animals
using their hair.)
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After browsing through my past entries,
I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that
I am ridiculously self-absorbed.

You know, reading the newspapers is inordinately depressing.
Outside of Life!, that is.
(And celebrity news isn't even REAL news.)
I was counting, and in the World section alone
there were more than 8 articles on events that had caused multiple deaths.
It's quite the reminder of our fragility.

And don't you think it's interesting
how we tend to consider events that result in many deaths
as more tragic/deserving of our grief
than events that result in fewer deaths?
It's so utilitarian.

They're all lives,
and it really doesn't matter how many people died in a fire or bombing or plane crash
if one of the people who died was your closest friend.

My point: there's no reason why we should brush aside the repercussions
of those 'small' car accidents in which 2 people die,
just because there's a bigger cluster of deaths elsewhere.
Tragedy is tragedy - be it on a large or small scale.

Elder L's young wife recently passed away from cancer,
and now every time I hear him pray on the pulpit -
thanking GOD for his goodness and sustenance -
I feel oddly like crying.
I'd always thought he looked ponderously sad all the time,
perhaps due to the way his features are lined up,
but now he seems to be imbued with a quiet dignity
that I really, really respect.

Watched Penelope yesterday:
Very cute movie (++James McAvoy!).
Sweet without tipping over to saccharine.
Particularly enjoyed the humour at the start
and Penelope's unbelievable bedroom
(which is officially my dream room as of now).

Thought the ending wasn't contrived in the least
(as most romcom ones are apt to be) -
though this might be because the film was a fairytale,
which obviously gives it more leeway when it comes to contrived-ness.
Loved the Penelope-Johnny/Max interactions (James McAvoy!)
and the way the film adhered to the fairytale conventions
(curse, beast, villains, happily-ever-after etc).

Okay I've gotten that all off my chest now,
so I'm going back to KI revision.

P.S. Jie's back!!!