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oh mj ilu



(and I still can't believe I've reached the point
where I celebrate Arashi's birthdays,
a sure sign of emerging Rabid Fangirl)

EDIT: Began writing this *points below* on Ohno's birthday,
and it somehow evolved into an awfully long gush-fest.
Haven't written anything remotely fictional in over 2 years,
so I'm rather rusty.

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oh mj ilu

why i'm such an FP-holic.

Story rec of the moment -
The Girl Who Couldn't Cry, by dewinged.
(I cried like a baby when I was reading this.)

dewinged is a genius,
as long as she doesn't lapse into
over-indulgent sentimentality/angst.
This is the perfect example of what wonders
a bit of restraint can work on a piece.

It's just too, too beautiful.
This is what love should be.
Nothing less.

GAH I'm such a diehard romantic.

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oh mj ilu

i don't know.

Filler entry alert.
Run from the randomness...
while you can. *mwahahaha*

The first day of school was
unexpectedly fine.
Except for the 4-hour long torture of
CCA concert tech rehearsal.

1 New wardrobe consisting of actual street clothes and
actual funky slogans.
2 Batman Begins
3 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the movie, duh.)
4 Donnie Darko
5 Stop All The World Now Howie Day
6 Warnings/Promises Idlewild
7 Prototype Bodies Without Organs
8 Out by Natsuo Kirino
9 A thin body without having to turn into some anorexic skeleton.
10 Orlando Bloom for one day.

Plus THE romance cliches:
1 The Enemies-into-lovers
2 The Best Friends-into-lovers
3 The Stepsiblings-into-lovers
4 The Popular Dude/Dudette and the Geek
5 The Badboy and the Goodgirl
6 The Bodyguard and the Charge
7 The Arranged Marriage/Marriage of Convenience
8 The Purely-Physical Relationship
9 The Best Friend’s Brother/The Brother’s Best Friend
10 The President’s Son/Daughter
11 The Girl-dressed-up-as-a-boy in a Boy’s School
12 The Kidnapper and the Hostage

And to give some sense of closure to this entry,
Neil Gaiman's imagination is horrifying
and scarily fascinating.
American Gods is cool beyond words.
And, as random as it might sound, Idlewild is too.
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oh mj ilu

i think.

I think I'm on a BLOGGING ROLLLLLLL!!!!
Go me.

I just realised that the past 3 entries have all
had the same face. (the BLAH, stoning one)
So I have decided to change it this time.

*She's so highhhh, high above me, she's so lovely...*

Oh well.
Never mind.

I'm currently wading through Science reflections.
Why teachers make us reflect on units, I never know.
As if they will get anything
other than textbook answers from us well-trained students.
What's the earthly point???


Plus I officially adore Lost.

You know, I watched the first episode of Manhunt yesterday.
The guys are utterlyutterly
gorgeous. Yeah.

AAAAAH. *squealsquealsquealsqueal*

I feel like a hormonal teenage girl.

Wait, I am a hormonal teenage girl.

They are GORGE!!!!
(Uh oh, I am starting to repeat words. That's a bad sign.)
Built and buff and everything.
Even the 31-year-old with 3 kids.
(My dad should watch so that he will be inspired
to abandon the paunch for some serious abs.)


The Cynic's Creed, by toastsnatcher.

Utterly <4857205593841019374632 it. (Sounds like what I would write,
if I could only write that well.)

Hey... I just filled up an entire post with nonsensensical ramblings
and caps and multiple exclamation marks.

But it's not often that I'm this cheerful, so yup.
Don't you dare say anything about it. *waves fist in front of comp screen*
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