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I can't with the Omonians that -
literally, it seems -
lie in wait on EVERY. SINGLE. comments page of douche-idol-scandal posts
just so they can pounce on people who show the slightest hint of sympathy for said idols
and call them out on their deludedness/stupidity/etc.
Come on:
it's one thing to be against people defending physical violence
(all well and good),
another to be a self-appointed, self-righteous ~defender of the truth~
clearly out to jump on the 'XX-should-be-condemned-to-the-7th-level-of-hell!!1!' bandwagon/
put others down and show how morally-upright you are in comparison.

And then, when others don't agree with you
(bear in mind, what I refer to here are people putting forth well-reasoned arguments in a measured tone),
you either:
(a) put words in their mouths and
berate them for these (how disgusting is this, seriously),
(b) offload verbal abuse on them (GOODNESS some of this is utterly repulsive) and
resort to these 6-year-old-level 'You're just being dumb' statements
that - in all honesty -
just prove that you're the biggest idiot of them all.

ALSO, TO MAKE THINGS MORE RIDICULOUS, after clearly only paying attention to a tiny proportion of the comments,
they get all 'SMH Omona is always so oppa-didn't-mean-it', 'all these responses are disgusting'.
Overstatement, much?

I don't see how someone can say that context isn't important.
That's just naive to the nth degree.
Yes, it doesn't affect the fact that something happened,
but isn't it essential to know what the person was thinking/
the circumstances leading up to the event?
It just enables you to have a more rounded perspective.

And (of course)
I don't have the balls (haha, yeah I really don't but you get the point)
to actually post this where people will care.
Z - you coward, you.

On nicer things,
- 家入レオ is awesome. SABRINA IS AWESOME.
when she was like fifteen?
So much talent, goodness.
- How have I not noticed Tokyo Girls' Style till now?
(Okay, okay, I know why. Too young+female. ><
I need to stop with the boyband bias, erk.
It's doubtless stopping me from getting at a lot of great jams.)
Rock you! is lovely and I'm totally looking up their discography now. <3
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Ugh the high horses some Omonians are on.

Also, people need to understand that
name-calling and attacking the person are NOT valid arguments.
If you disagree with a viewpoint, you explain why:
that's just how constructive discussion rolls.
You don't - you can't - change opinions otherwise.
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(no subject)

Ugh I detest it when people jump on one comment displaying insensitive behaviour
conveniently ignoring the fact that an entire string of other fans
have already rushed to decry that particular comment
(in the same thread, no less).
I'm no Pollyanna,
but even I can tell that some doomsday sentiments are just excessive.

Also -
and I say this as a non-NEWS-fan,
because fans would clearly add their emotions/observations of the band's past behaviour
into the mix
(and I don't judge them for it, because I would be the same way if Arashi split) -
whatever the reasons for Pi's and Ryo's departures,
I respect that they did what they thought was best for their careers.
Because that's what JE ultimately is - a talent agency.
Of course, you can question the wisdom behind idols' career choices,
e.g. if Yamapi actually has what it takes to go solo,
but that's a whole other issue altogether.
While it's all well and good for fans to perceive our intra-boyband friendships as all BFF-y/one-for-all,
eventually even idols have got to ask themselves,
'What's best for me in the long-term?
What will give me a comfortable life, post screaming-fangirls?'
Ryo's conserving his energy (and investing it where the money is),
Pi's striking while the iron is hot.

I can't stop myself. <333
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How is this possible: Lonely Rain gets more amazing upon repeated listens.

yarukizero's Beautiful World con reports sound wonderful.
Can't wait for the DVD release.

The Sakuraiba HnA episode was love.
I really, really hope they film a similar episode for Ohmiya :D:D:D
(Maybe for the upcoming Kaibutsu-kun movie? One can hope.)
I loved how Sho seemed genuinely moved by Aiba knowing his favourite foods.
And Aiba's ingenious!ideas for a beach date
(I'd actually like to try the sumo tube - it looks like fun,
provided I don't fall off the second I get on xD).
And Aiba failing at cooking.
...And Aiba building Sho an Everest of a sand penis
(EDIT: Aiba apparently built boobs as well,
according to a comment on aatash's post? Oh, Aiba.).
How did that even get through the editors, anyway?
But it's always nice to be reminded that,
underneath the blander programming,
Aiba is still your resident overgrown teenager.

A few days late,
but I just read the omona post on Boom/Suju's racist infraction,
and here's what I think:
it all rests on whether
(a) they were making fun of black people in general, or
(b) if they were parodying a specific person (some are suggesting Stevie Wonder).

If the former, it WAS blackface and should be condemned.
If the latter, the dark makeup was merely an attempt
to get as close to a person’s look as possible.
Yes, an insensitive, hurtful attempt
completely disregarding the history of painting one's skin darker,
but nevertheless not 'blackface' as traditionally-defined.
You can say lack of intent to offend doesn't justify an action,
but - for me, at least - being ignorant of racist subtleties is (while by no means right)
is by far the lesser sin compared to purposefully playing on racial stereotypes to generate laughs.

So, the bottom line is, any omona-esque oppa-did-mean-it hollering is probably premature,
since there is essentially no way of telling if (a) or (b) was the case
without any actual vids of what Boom actually did in that getup.
It seems kind of strange to be sending accusations/defences flying left and right
based on some stills, which -
despite being rather incriminating -
provide an incomplete picture of the situation.

If (b) was in fact the case, however,
there still remains the possibility of Boom making disability-related jokes as part of his spoof,
which is a whole other issue on its own
(one as UGH as racism).
BUT. Similarly, judgment should be reserved till after the vids are released.

On less touchy issues,
Matsuken and Koyuki are having a baby!!
One thing I can say: odds are, he/she's going to be awfully attractive.
So happy for them. <33
Also: the cute guy from Maou is getting married. :)

There's going to be a new H!S!J song called Beat Line,
which sounds like it's going to be awesome as well.
Loving the kiddos' music is getting to be a trend, I tell you.
I even like the Magic Power song they did for the Smurf movie(!).
That blue carpet clip with Chinen and Yamada?
When. did. Yamada. get. so. attractive.?!
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thoughts on the only things i ever talk about on this journal. srs!bsns!

I think I've reached a comfortable place, fandoms-wise.
Able to appreciate (and hold mildly-legit discussions about) both Jpop and Kpop,
straddling groups from both sides of the Great Divide
(which every Kpop company has evidently made its life's mission to cross, haha).
No longer feeling guilty for liking Korean groups
(why I should ever have felt that way, I will never understand),
and being capable of acknowledging the good AND bad points of each industry.

I'm not feverishly stalking arashi_on/ANJ/Aibakaland/my favourite fanfic authors anymore.
Or collecting Arashi scans obsessively,
or feeling the need to download every vaguely-relevant newsclip.
But I remain massively excited about any new music the boys release
and I still flail like mad over lives, and cons, and CMs, and shows.
I plan to catch up on Shiyagare episodes (in order, of course).
And I remain convinced that Ohno Satoshi is the bees' knees.
Searching for Ohmiya moments is still a reflex. xD

In other words, my fangirling might have stabilised,
but it is - without a doubt - thriving,
just in a healthier/more informed form.
I might have my dalliances elsewhere,
but Arashi is my homeground and comfort zone,
and will probably always be.
I love BEAST and 2AM and CNBLUE,
but I don't feel exactly the way I did when I first started out with Arashi?
That level of excitement+enthusiasm that bodes well for long-term fangirling.
And while personalities/interactions are definitely a big part of the reason
why I prefer these groups (over, say, 2PM),
the music is much more of a factor here
(a la Fiction and Fact).
'PEACE.', in the wise words of Sakurai Sho. Hahaha.
(And speaking of wisdom,
I find it hilarious how people on omona call Heechul and Leeteuk old
when they're born in the same year as Jun and Nino?
Haha. By Kpop group standards, SMAP would be fossils.)

And slightly OT but.
I think variety shows like Arashi's early ones are lovely.
It's refreshing, the whole concept of moving beyond
talkshow formats aimed at sussing out idols' relationships or personalities or ~special~ talents
to having idols go out, and do interesting things/discover things hands-on,
and using said idols as a medium via which viewers can gain knowledge.
Or variety shows in which idols connect with ordinary people.
Or unusual corners like A no Arashi or T no Arashi or Sho's planting diary.
And there's something to be said for a group that builds up a fanbase via shows like these, isn't there?

Omona is incredibly fun to lurk around on.
There's a fair amount of wit going round
(both in the posts as well as in the comments -
even trolls are responded to hilariously),
people aren't easily offended by opposing viewpoints
(or, at least, don't show it as embarrassingly-obviously),
and users actually know each other on a 'you're my favourite XX-stan' level.
The atmosphere is generally pleasant, basically.
Not to mention that the 'come to Noona' comments never fail to make me laugh. xD
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(no subject)

The comments on omona essentially going 'poor Daesung bb!!1!'
don't quite sit right with me?
I know the whole accident was only partially his fault
(the speeding was, the hitting wasn't)
and the motorcyclist was drink driving.
But said motorcyclist has already received the greatest possible punishment
for his part in this mess,
and the fact remains that someone has to take responsibility for the life lost.
IDK; it just seems like people are willing to excuse Daesung's negligence/
play down his role in the accident
just because he feels v. guilty about it.
And I'm not trying to trivialise his emotions here -
I do recognise that this is something he will carry with him for the rest of his life.
It's just that I'd prefer it
if they acknowledged both sides of the coin a little more -
the focus of this entire issue is NOT your fave celebrity,
but the death of a motorist.

Also: I wonder if we would be equally forgiving
of a non-celebrity caught in a similar situation?

BTW, suddenly thought about the plagiarismhaven comm and decided to pay a visit.
SMH, so much.
I might sound butthurt/pressed
(haha maybe I am, deep down in my unconscious),
but I'm wondering at the self of two years back
who actually thought that it was worth joining.
Exactly whom do these authors think they are - Dickens? Shakespeare?
I understand the whole 'I-need-to-save-myself-from-plagiarism' thing
(thus, rules on reposting, sharing, etc.),
but. Excel sheets for post counts? Member deletions for not being active enough?
Lol. Writing is srs!bsns, guys!
You have to be permanently interested to be qualified to read things!
It's like Aibakaland with far fewer benefits.
And the authors don't/can't see that
it is far harder to get their stories out to new fans this way.
They're stuck with the same people who read their writing 2 years back:
ostensibly not the best way to get fresh perspectives/feedback.
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(no subject)

Yoko's solo line has destroyed BOTH the My Home lives.
Which makes me sad,
because I do like Yoko and the song is lovely.
I don't know why he's having so much trouble, though,
because his voice is completely fine (by Johnny's standards, anyway)
on his later line (the one that has Yasu harmonising).
>< Sigh.

(Though the ninja!appearance of Sho's Troublemaker suit half-makes up for it...
plus Ohkura's smile at the start of the perf was all kinds of adorbs. xD
And RYO. Why so hot, even with the lyric screw-up.
Subaru's vocal style is also really, really growing on me. :D:D)

At first I was all O.o O.o O.o, because it's YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL.
Which I loved, and which -
more importantly -
Jang Geun Suk pretty much owned from start to finish.
But there was a comment on arashi_on
that mentioned that it'd basically be X episodes of Ohno spoofing Jun,
and that just got me.
Also, Ohno has a history of defying expectations (Maou, anyone?),
so I can't wait to see how he does in the role.
Haha I AM SO EXCITED NOW :DDD; I hope the rumour is true.
(Ohno and K-drama remakes are fated to be, it seems.)

I hope the butler!Ohno drama does get filmed sometime, though.
It would be hilarious.

More ramblings about my pet Kpop topics:
The Kpop and Jpop idol industries strike me as so different.
Kpop's a lot more...down and dirty?
That makes it sound worse than it is, but that's the term that comes to mind.
I remember there was an article a long time ago
in which Dawn Yeoh's manager -
who apparently also managed and/or was close to Tamaki Hiroshi, can't remember which -
talked about how the Japanese idol industry is all about keeping its stars 'untouchable' or separate from the fans,
and I couldn't believe that was the case given Arashi's down-to-earth, boys-next-door image.
Now that I'm more acquainted with Korea's idol industry,
I get his point.
Japanese idols have far more privacy/independence -
you get your own homes once you've debuted
(none of this sharing dorms business),
the pay for individual gigs isn't shared (as far as I know),
and you have far fewer obligations to the fans than Korean idols do.
Johnny's boys aren't even allowed Twitter accounts.

Pluses and minuses.
Kpop's stars' dealings with the fans brings them far closer to the fans, no doubt.
There are FAR more opportunities for interactions with the fans,
as well as for intra- or inter-group interactions/selcas that serve to endear idols to their fans more.
So, we get barrel-loads of what we want to see:
cross-group hijinks, backstage antics,
~intimate~ details of their offcamera lives.
(NGL, I squeal every time I read the translated Beast memberXBeast member tweets.
Or see fancams of Oneday being kids together at that idol sports meet.).
But the lack of a barrier comes with all the attendant drama.
Of course the majority remain moderate fans,
but some end up feeling as if they have some sort of ownership of the idols,
or some sort of influence over their choices.
(Thus: antis, sasaengs, ugly overreactions e.g. The DBSK/2PM Incidents.)
The idols have far less privacy than they should,
and/or end up having to portray a certain image that isn't necessarily them or a full picture of who they are (a la Gyuri, Kwon).

Plus, as I see it,
the whole Entertainment Is Key (haha, Key)/Fans Are First mentality
also means that anyone/any incident is fair game as far as talkshows/interviews go,
which - while understandable (maybe it's an unwritten rule in Kpop culture? Not to take anything said in interviews personally?) -
makes me slightly uncomfortable at times.

Oh, and. Random addition, but FANCHANTS.
One more item to add to the list of things
that annoy me more than they probably should.
I understand that it's a way of expressing love, but wow.
Way to destroy the atmosphere of a song, people.
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(no subject)


That voice. :D
(She needs to release an album of acoustic covers, stat.)
Plus, the sheer number of celebrity fanboys she has is all kinds of cute.
You can ship her with anyone and it would still work, seriously.

And Seulong. <33 Whom I totally adore, if you didn't know.

Argh and the acoustic version of the Brown Eyed Girls' Sign
makes me melt.
It's so, so pretty,
and the girls' voices really make it awesome.

This being said, however,
I doubt I'll be entering Kpop fandom anytime soon.
There's some amazing music, no doubt.
But it's way too complicated -
the antis and overzealous stans
(OMG he HUGGED her. HOW COULD HE!!!!!11!!!),
fanservice all over the place,
how everyone is amazingly loose-lipped about everyone else
(and how you can't tell whether all these revelations
are staged, exaggerated, REAL, etc etc.).
It came as a bit of a shock to the system, frankly.
Jpop's like my comfort zone now, I think?

IU's still amazing, though. xD

is it just me,
or are Nino and Yoshitaka Yuriko adorable together?
All these stories about how she's super-comfortable with him,
and how they can both be weird together...
that dynamic really shows up on the Gantz promos.
(I like Yuriko!
She's definitely not your typical young actress-type.
Very refreshing.)

EDIT: I never noticed it before this,
but when Yuriko appeared on HnA,
she kept on looking to her left before/as she gave answers.
Also - Aiba's guess at her ideal man having lots of moles
(it was wrong, but still.)!
Aiba is obviously perceptive.
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(no subject)

It's a scary thought:
all it would take for the current Japanese situation
to turn into something resembling the end of the world
(or what I imagine that to be, anyway)
would be the Fukushima reactor actually leaking radiation.
Oh, the fragility.

Thoughts and prayers with the families and friends of the dead/missing -
may they be able to find peace.

(Thank GOD, though, that the other countries escaped relatively-unscathed.
More death is the last thing the world needs right now.)

On happier things,
no words can express how proud of fandom I am right now.
The way people have come forward to do what they can to help is lovely to see. <3
Props to the arashi_on mod for organising the fundraiser!
Def looking to ask for some fanart for C's and H's birthdays (! :D),
pending Dad's verdict on the reliability of Paypal (lol).
It'll be great to be able to contribute, yay. WHEE~
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(no subject)

If one thing has changed since I entered fandom,
it might be how I now count computer usage in megabytes and gigabytes
instead of kilobytes. O.o

My to-watch list stands as follows.
It has, rather unfortunately,
grown exponentially since the start of post-As.

1. D no Arashi (which I am past the halfway mark of!
And which is just getting better and better. HEARTS :))
2. G no Arashi
3. Odoroki no Arashi SPs
4. Mago Mago Arashi
5. Arashi no Shukudai-kun

And, in-between (somehowsomehow):
5. A Million Stars Falling From The Sky
(I gave up after 8 episodes the last time. ><)
6. Saigo No Yakusoku
7. Ryusei no Kizuna

8. Maou (yes, I know - what kind of Ohno fan am I?)
9. Uta no Onii-san (ditto)
10. Tokyo DOGS
11. Haikei, Chichue-sama
12. Kisarazu Cat's Eye
13. My Girl
14. Last Friends
15. My Boss, My Hero
16. Nodame
17. Ueno Juri to Itsutsu no Kaban
18. Ocean Waves (Studio Ghibli)
19. Grave of the Fireflies

20. Paprika
21. Kaibutsu-kun
22. Sunao ni Narenakute (STRUCK OFF)
23. Kimi wa Petto
24. Liar Game 2
25. Love Shuffle
26. Shinzanmono
27. Mimi o Sumaseba (Whisper of the Heart)
28. My Neighbour Totoro
29. Kiina
30. Ganbatte Ikimasshoi
31. Parade
32. Kokuhaku
33. Unubore Deka
34. Ikigami
35. Keizoku 2: SPEC
36. Hero
37. Ao no Honoo
38. JOKER: Yurusarezaru Sousakan
39. Nagareboshi
40. Akunin
41. BOSS

The latest JE hate meme has been a highly useful source of information!
I now know that Subbers D and N are to be avoided,
that primrosegallery has written more Arashi fic than I've read,
and that KAT-TUN is one step closer to a breakup.