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I love this so much!!

3 dramas, best to worst.

1. N no Tame Ni
I read that it wasn't quite faithful to the book,
and we could have done without the central whodunit (it was more of a 'whydunit' anyway)
and all the banging away at 'N',
Almost everything else was gorgeous:
How good was the acting. HOW GOOD WAS THE ACTING.
Kubota Masataka, Koide Keisuke... forever criminally underrated.
And, how do we love?
(And, more superficially, for us viewers/Nozomi:
Which is the person you love - the one you protect, or the one you're willing to be protected by?)
Asks the big questions, and (rightfully) doesn't leave us with easy answers.
A happier, more palatable version of Byakuyakou.
Beautifully shot too(!).

2. Nigehaji
Loved it all the way up to ep8,
when the pacing went haywire and it became a tick-box exercise in politically-correct opinions
(though it still had its moments).
Nevertheless, Hiromasa and Mikuri - and their adorable love story - are the heart of this.
Ordinary, awkward, fallible, with the weirdest of internal dialogues...
in other words, us.
Just a whole lot cuter (which is what romcoms are for, aren't they?).
My favourite bits remain Mikuri's underwear haiku and capybara comparison :'D
Yuri and Kazama were also great for the occasional sprinkling of introspective dialogue/chemistry

3. The latest season of Sherlock
Some redeeming moments (few and far between),
but plagued by the same problems as the past few seasons -
basically, that Moffat thinks he's way smarter than he actually is.
Painfully apparent, whether in the tired jokes about Sherlock and Mycroft and Mary,
the overused writing-in-the-air device,
or in the crimes (logic-defying, not Sherlock-esque at all -
hilariously, the last episode didn't even require that much deduction).
I don't know why I keep watching this.
oh mj ilu

i regret nothing.

It hits all my spots:
a strong main character, villains I detest/love in equal measure,
poignant character backstories (JIMINY CRICKET ;___;)...
fairy tale retellings.
The all-important question: how did I manage to avoid starting this earlier?

Then there's Rich Man, Poor Woman,
with its done-to-death premise and over-the-top episode titles.
Succumbed to the temptation (aka Shun, lol) to try the first episode,
and now I'm on the fifth and thoroughly hooked, haha. xD

The things I find problematic were unexpectedly so
(Hyuga's scientifically-baseless 'prosopagnosia', reminiscent of nonsensical T-drama plot devices,
cliched editing at the worst possible moments,
various side characters' acting),
while the development of the HyugaXfake!Sawaki relationship is actually really believable
(he's the head in the clouds, she's the feet planted firmly on the ground/the ear to it,
and they connect on a level whose cute has to be seen to be believed B)).
I'm looking forward to seeing how the Asahina-Hyuga dynamic plays out as well.

And I LOVE that the characters are slightly off your standard romcom tropes.
For instance, Ishihara Satomi is awkward -
not in the K-drama heroine you-are-meant-to-find-this-adorable sort of way,
but so-awkward-it-makes-you-slightly-uncomfortable-on-her-behalf
(and is all the more awesome for it) -
and obviously not averse to ugly-crying if the situation calls for it. <3
And Hyuga's jerk-itude arises from uncompromising work standards and/or childish eccentricity,
not some inner sense of entitlement.
oh mj ilu

nong nong post.

It's been an exciting few weeks in my corner of Jpop-/Kpop-/Jdrama-/Kdrama-land.
(Seriously, everything is happening all at once to artistes I care about.
My heart ;__;)

--00:15: Sho posing, like a boss.
--00:18: Sho adjusting his suit, like a boss.
--00:21: Sho adjusting his tie... like a boss.
(Sho trying to win at life is somehow hilarious/hot at the same time.)
--00:24: Aiba... jerking his body back and forth. Hmm.
--00:32: Ohno, fist-pumping frantically for no particular reason.
--00:33: Nino, lip-syncing very emotionally. While having perfect hair.
Some things are just unfair, idek.
--00:39: Sho manages to be super-gorgeous at this particular moment.
It took me so long to pause the PV at the correct point,
I got too distracted by the hot (and ~shiny eyes~) the first three tries.
--00:44: First appearance of the elusive!Ohno!snaggletooth. <3
--00:53: Shaky camera, two narrow walls. This bodes well.
Ohno contorting himself into a ridiculous position
(not forgetting to emote dramatically throughout!)
will never get old.
--01:04: Nino looks so good here.
And d'aww at the fact that he's pointing to Jun
(something I find Nino does very often?
I mean, directing the attention to the person that's the main for the song/occasion,
e.g. Aiba during MSSLs since his birthday always coincides with that.
I love Nino for it.).
--01:05: Jun, attempting to crawl out of the narrow space with an A+ facial expression.
I haven't been mentioning Jun much, but rest assured he's his normal exciting self -
just overdosing on glee and rainbows, like all of Arashi seem to be.
--01:08: Ohno is still in that position. It looks uncomfortable, to say the least.
--01:10: The Snaggletooth Reappears.
--01:13: Beautiful Jun! There you go. <3
--01:18: Aiba is back to jerking his body around. ...WAIT.
You know, maybe that's a body wave...? O.O
--01:23: Sho. OH, SHO. Never change.
--01:29-02:02: YAY SHINY SUITS AND SPARKLES. This set is too pretty, I can't.
And that choreo is adorable and makes me laugh so freaking hard. <33
You can tell Jun is totally in his element!
They should definitely give Arashi more 1980s' disco to sing.
--02:05: The much-anticipated Box.
I don't actually like these scenes a lot, mostly because there's not much going on
aside from compromising poses, lol.
And it's terribly headachy to try to figure out which limbs belong to whom.
Aiba and Sho's obvious closeness (aww <3).
--02:19: Aiba flicking dirt off his shoulder is actually kind of hot.
--02:25: More Sakuraiba BFF-ery!
--02:28: I have no idea what Nino, Aiba and Sho are doing at this point
--02:31: Sho singing with the rest of them just walking past, lol.
--02:34: Aiba, pretending to swim.
--02:41: Aiba being overenthusiastic makes me happy.
Also, sunglasses are off and gorgeous boys are gorgeous.
--02:46: AIBA'S HEAD IS ON SHO'S CROTCH. Both look remarkably unconcerned about the fact.
--02:52: I find Jun's happiness at this moment is awfully endearing.
--02:57: I love how Jun missed the 'act panicky!' memo
and just sort of casually leans on one wall
while doing cool MJ hand gestures
and coolly-lodging his other hand in his pocket.
--02:59: AIBA hahahaha.
--03:03: The heel of Ohno's shoe is... pushing against Nino's crotch. O.o
I'm willing to bet that the disappearance of Nino's foot between Ohno's legs
means essentially the same thing.
--03:07: Aiba takes off his suit(?!).
Aiba in this PV is quite-evidently a bundle of incomprehensible decisions.
--03:24/03:55: Nino, why so attractive!
--03:44: Ohno, from an unflattering ('but adorable', trucksized bias nudges) angle.
--04:11: JUN, in a glorious return to his awkward teenage days. ILUSM, Matsumoto.

asdfliqwnv' Shun and Yamada Yu were married on 14 March.
So, so glad for them -
I wish them all happiness. <3
Eek and Jun's congratulatory message was terribly aww-inducing. xD

That is just so cute.
I literally squee-ed for a few seconds when I found out.
Looking forward to more awesome music, as always.

-Lucky 7
I had thought that my interest would dissipate with Eita's departure,
but I'm hanging on(!).
They've sort of managed to fill the gap with more Oizumi Yo and Naka Riisa,
which is always good.
The show is still most alive during Jun's buttkicking sequences
(I AM LEGIT AWED BY JUN'S MOVES, did he actually go for lessons?),
but I've sort of settled into a rhythm with it.
It's really just a matter of adjusting expectations, I think -
whatever you do, don't watch thinking you'll get intelligent crimes.
It's more investigation-lite + dusting of frivolous banter. xD

-Strawberry Night
The SP was a bit iffy for me
but. Let me just say.
If you want a strong-female-cop drama,
this is so, so much better than Boss.
The characters aren't kooky for the sake of being kooky
(apart from Ioka, who is totally hilarious and thus excusable);
it isn't afraid to stray to slightly-darker territory;
the cases are complex, well-structured and not completely predictable.
And the requisite ~opposition~ from male colleagues is far from two-dimensional -
I like that more than the standard you-are-a-female-why-are-you-here stuff
(though there definitely is still some of that),
the friction is played as tension between opposing styles of investigation,
and that it is made clear that all said styles have their advantages/drawbacks.
Oh, AND. That barely-there hint of UST between Himekawa and Kikuta is hot, negl. B)

-Ojakgyo Brothers
Before this, I'd never have expected myself to enjoy - AND ACTUALLY COMPLETE -
a 50+ episode Kdrama.
Yet this was exactly what I found myself doing.
OB is GOOD. Very good.
Okay, so standard drama plot devices abound
(at last count, non-biological parents, an illegitimate son,
star-crossed lovers, age gap romance and a shotgun wedding),
and the script sags at points,
but the beauty here lies in the sensitivity
with which the Ojakgyo family members/their relationships are rendered.
You can feel the scriptwriters' love for the characters:
they remain immmensely likeable despite their foibles and mistakes,
and it's an utter pleasure to watch their tangents of growth -
and journeys to redemption, for some -
And although one of the best parts of the drama is that
you end up caring about ALL the relationships
(in particular, the dynamic amongst the four brothers, and Ga Eun X Mum),
not just the two main characters' romance,
it doesn't hurt that Joo Won and Uee are all sorts of adorbs together. xD

I am so in love with this mini-album.
I don't get the people who say that
'hardly any song going above mid-tempo range' --> 'boring'. :((
The songs are so incredibly beautiful, both as individual pieces and as a whole.
Favourites: I Love You I Love You, You Were Mine and I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me.
And the MV must have set a record for the highest-ever 2AM MV budget, haha.

CNBLUE's third mini-album is set to drop on 27 March,
and they've already released the MV for Yonghwa's self-composed song ('Still In Love').
It's simple - just them chilling/recording -
but Minhyuk is growing up SO nicely(!!) and Yonghwa's voice is awesome.
Jungshin's hair remains enviably-smooth and Jonghyun remains hot.

The Sherlock MV teaser is out -
the choreo looks great and the colours (+ Key's nail polish, lol) are gorgeous.
Not a huge fan of the song itself
but moderately certain that the performances (leapfrogging! yay!)/sheer pretty
will make up for it.
The mini has also been released,
and though overall it's not as catchy/excellent as I would have expected
(and Jjong's voice - as much as I adore the boy -
gets rather grating after a while)
I absolutely love The Reason and Honesty (and Alarm Clock is fast growing on me).
I've got a soft spot the size of China for ballads/bare-bones arrangements,
so there you go.
(EDIT: Jjong's lyricsssss <333)

-Sherlock, BBC
The most unexpected consequence of SHINee's album release for me, lol.
There was this humongous (and hilarious) fanwar going on
regarding tumblr tags (fangirling is srs!bsns!),
and amidst walls of penises (idek) and Key
I decided to give in to the hype and try it out.
My favourite thing about it:
the way the creators managed to transplant the stories
into a modern setting
without losing what made Sherlock so good -
the self-destructive antihero-cum-genius,
the reliance on out-of-this-world deduction
(as opposed to techno-gimmicks, like most crime procedurals),
the Watson-Sherlock BFF-ery (in fact, this is far more obvious here) -
AND managing to avoid (mostly) the whole shebang looking awkward/anachronistic.
I also liked those small intricacies that scream 'WE'RE HAVING FUN WITH THIS':
the titles/the basing of the crimes off actual Sherlock crimes,
stupid things like how Sherlock came to be associated with that detective cap
(which he hates, in case you didn't know).

Favourite episode by far = The Reichenbach Fall.
Pure nailbiting tension -
watching the noose close round Sherlock's neck,
Moriarty's gleeful insanity/utter genius
(btw, I ALWAYS thought it was pronounced Mo-RYE-arty!
Can't wait for installment #4.
oh mj ilu

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Mom and I are tunneling rapidly through two Li Nanxing dramas
which are SO SIMILAR
that we mix up the plots half the time with hilarious results
(I wonder what this says about Mediacorp and originality).

'He's hungry! Why doesn't he go to Hwang Biren's stall to eat chicken rice?!'
'...Mom, Hwang Biren's not in this show.'
oh mj ilu

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Fresh from Ireland,
after burning a huge hole in Jie's pocket
on (of all things!) food.
Excellent food, but still. Food.

Saw the most beautiful seasides ever. SKERRIES & HOWTH <333
If the rest of Ireland's scenic spots are as gorgeous...
well, they're definitely making their way onto my to-visit list
(which is, at this point, nearly as long as my to-watch list.
Which is, in turn, nearly as long as my to-do list.

...my life is clearly unfulfilled O.O).

Marathoned the entire of Skins S1.
SID X CASSIE. <33333
I adore Sid like burning -
the nice-guy thing has always done it for me,
and he is so incredibly sweet, I can't even. <3
What made the series work for me -
other than Sid, of course -
was the slightly surreal/dreamlike quality that permeates everything?
It's so gorgeous:
wonderful scene setups (okay, it sounds stupid here but it looks amazing),
and the aesthetics,
and how, for example, all the characters randomly burst into song at the end. :D
The perpetual state of horny/constant switching of partners
does get kind of annoying after a while, though.
And I do think that Skins adults are portrayed completely unrealistically -
I get that adults aren't perfect,
but must virtually ALL of them be irresponsible/uncaring/plain evil?

Maji desu ka ska! and its PV make me SO happy. :):)
(Hahaha. A year ago,
I would never have dreamt that I'd actually be listening to a Momusu song. xD)
But this is awesome stuff - massively upbeat and adorable.
I hope it does well.

Still not off my JJ binge;
latest song on perma-iTunes-rotation is 只對你有感覺,
which is all sorts of amazing.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what he/his producers did with this song.
(Once I got over the fact that the Fahrenheit version was so different, that is.)
It blows the mind, what a change of style can do to a song -
with the harder edge, the lyrics take on new/darker sentiment,
and the whole song feels more desperate, more raw.
And the switch from duet to solo removes the cutesy factor, which is interesting.
I don't think JJ's voice is suited for rock-ier songs,
but here he's redeemed by fantastic arrangement.

On Ep 11 of Shiyagare. :)
I really do enjoy the episodes -
I don't think it deserves the flak it's getting, frankly.
Admittedly, the first episode was pretty rocky,
but I feel Arashi did manage to settle into the rhythm of things along the way.
I do find that the quality of the episode depends on the guest
(and how comfortable Arashi is with him/them, and vice versa) -
but that is/was the case with HnA and Shukudai-kun too,
so I see no extra cause for complaint.
And I actually like the all-this-is-impromptu gimmick:
less because Arashi has the mad emceeing skillz to make up for it,
more because member dynamics and character traits are more pronounced.
For example, you get Nino initiating discussions a lot more.
And failing more (and showing his discomfort when he fails).
You also get Ohno's insecurities on full display.
That sort of thing is interesting.

And it's lovely when the boys really do manage to learn from the aniki guest.
Like the Shimura Ken episode,
in which Arashi's concluding reflections clearly showed that
they had gained something.
On this note,
the producers really should stop it with the 'How to capture a woman' thing.
It's getting old, and TBH the advice given never seems very helpful. xD
riidaa &lt;3

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Status update: ginormous pimp-post still in the writing.

It's awful.
I've been trawling so many comms
and posts and comments
that I actually understand (and have started to use) LJ slang. ><

STFU (courtesy of that annoying JE hate meme),
'flail' (way too overused, in my opinion),
and - of all brainless things to pick up -

To make it worse,
thanks to Nino and Sho,
I now go 'EEEHHHH?!' in real life
instead of 'EEEIIII?!' like a normal Singaporean would.

Other than the whole Arashi thing,
I have finished Grey's Anatomy Season 4. :)
Liked Episodes #12 and #13, and bits and pieces of the season finale.
Overall still good,
but some characters seemed kind of OOC,
there were all these annoyingly-improbable plot devices
(like that weird Sex History form)
and the threesome/lesbian talk was pretty discomfiting for me.
(Add this to the fact I was watching it with my parents,
and you have quite the bit of class-A awkwardness.)

It's quite strange that
I never realised how much I shipped MerDer
until they actually broke up.
Even mom (who is violently against all the bunny!sex
the two of them have when they're together)
was rooting for Derek to dump Rose. xD

(I want to steal Ohno, now!)
oh mj ilu

the post-A's(!!!) to-do list:

1. Watch Grey's Anatomy S4 so that I can return the boxed set to Shuf
(It's been gathering dust on my study desk for close to a year, I think? ><)
and have fun with Mom squawking in disapproval and righteous outrage
at truckloads of blatant sex and That Lesbian Relationship.

2. Lose weight. Lots of it.
And because the SMART goal-setting process says to list concrete steps,
- Sit-ups! A progressive increase, beginning from 20 and adding 10 every day. LIKE AN AP.
- Gym running workouts! Again, build it up progressively, maybe starting with 2.4km.
- Less food! i.e. no more suppers, no more angkukueh, no more fried food.
- Weights!

3. Change the glasses and remove all unsightly hair from my form.

4. Finish reading my Psych textbook,
play catch-up with the dormant mile-high stack
of Time and Economist on the red trolley,
then settle down to the tons of fiction
I haven't gotten the chance to read.
Free up shelf-space for more book&music sprees.

5. Clear my table (yesyes).

6. Go for lunch + a 5-hour-long Kbox session with K and co. + dinner.
(The first one I will be able to stay for the entirety of.)

7. Salvage all the relationships
that have been set aside/destroyed this year and the last.

8. Learn how to play the drums.

9. Bleach and Death Note (shinigami!)
and JDRAMAS JDRAMAS (Yamada Taro, Ryusei,
My Boss My Hero, Tokyo Dogs).

10. And, of course, complete US apps and scholarship apps and
apply for internships and/or jobs (ooh, the possibilities).

I WILL emerge from 2009 a new (and vastly improved) person.

Earlier tonight, heard this really pretty line
on the mega-long, mega-weepy Taiwanese drama Love that Nainai is watching,
which made me cry and cry and cry some more.
in the vein of those lines I used to memorise for Chinese compositions.
There was also a really pretty song,
but I can't recall it now.

I love it when books and TV serials and movies make me cry.
It's like my heart is scrunching up on itself,
in a nice way. :)
oh mj ilu

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I wish Glee showed on Starhub cable.

Have to get my fix online,
and it's so annoying to have to keep on searching Youtube
for videos that don't seem to be in the same place twice.

Argh but the songs are just too good. :)
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oh mj ilu

(fictional) males i would give anything to meet (and marry).

The title says it all.
It's amazing just how much cooler made-up males can be
compared to real-life ones.
(JC specimens - a classic example.)

I'm sure all those rabid Twilight (or rather, Edward) fans would agree.

Why settle for humdrum when you can have smart+sexy+sweet?
Without them even leaving the screen/pages,
it's official: these people have spoilt it all for me.

The fictional males I would give anything to meet,
in no particular order (how could I choose? O.O):

1. Dr. Spencer Reid
The newest addition to my list of the Exalted.
Incredible cheekbones and smile and fashion sense.
And the whole socially-awkward thing is - truthfully - endearing.
AND, of course, he is Beyond Smart.
(IQ of 187, eidetic memory, can read 20000 words per minute.
I can practically memorise the description!)
The way he rattles off crime stats is also fantastic.
Plus how he got so emotionally-involved with Nathan
('I know what it's like to be scared of your own mind'),
and his drug habit,
and the whole thing with his mom
make him so amazingly human that you just want to hug him.
(Matthew Grey Gubler is also hilarious/amazing-cute.
But he's not fictional, so that's another post altogether.)

2. Dr. Derek Shepherd
Don't get me wrong:
I love MerDer,
but this guy couldn't be anything but everyone's dream guy.
He puts up with all of Meredith's strange hang-ups
and abandonment issues
and really, really listens to her.
They seem to have awesome sex (perhaps too much of it)
and though he looks tired all the time
(perhaps because of the above)
the stubble and face and the eyes get to me.
Every. Single. Episode.
I want my own McDreamy.

3. Draco Malfoy
I will be the first to confess
that I left off reading the Harry Potter series after GoF.
But that didn't stop me from lengthy perusals of fanfiction.net!
So I blame this solely on the Dramione fandom
(my favourite pairing ever).
I heart Draco:
the entire snarky, obnoxious and (sometimes) misunderstood package.
I swoon when he trades insults with razor-sharp wit
and falls in love - albeit extremely unwillingly -
with the resident bookworm.
The mysterious family life (Narcissa!Lucius!),
the possibility of him turning good (and dying in the process),
the whole opposites&rivals-attract cliche -
there's so much dramatic/romantic potential there.
(Though it may be a manifestation of my hidden desire
to find my very own badboy to reform,
or just the shampoo commercial-worthy hair).

4. Beast
I would never leave out the hero of my favourite fairy tale.
My liking is, rather obviously, not based on looks.
It's got to do with the small details,
like his passion for books (something which I can relate to),
his sacrificial love for Beauty
(I cry every time I read the bit where he lets her go back to her family).
There's a kind of sadness in the flawed hero,
caught between beastiality and humanity,
who can't help but destroy the things he loves
despite having all the material wealth he could possibly wish for.
It's just so heartbreaking,
and the transition from loneliness to light -
the opening of a heart -
is incredible romance.

5. Mr. Darcy
A perennial favourite on girls' wishlists.
Supremely good-looking and awe-inspiringly rich,
willing to humble himself for the girl he loves
and act as saviour for her family members, into the bargain.
Therein lies the appeal.

AND Colin Firth. :):)

6. Gilbert Blythe/Mac Campbell
From the Anne of Green Gables series
and the Rose Campbell books, respectively.
The ideals of my adolescence:
the guys-next-door, good-looking but not stunningly so
(though Jonathan Crombie was, admittedly, a little disappointing),
always somewhere near -
to help out, to share experiences with,
to chide and encourage when necessary.
And who got the girl through sheer persistence,
winning out against handsomer/richer rivals.
I think that that kind of abiding love is pretty much incredible
(the first rejections of Mac and Gilbert had me in tears,
softie that I am).
It's that cliche: the best-friend-turned-lover,
that person that understands you inside-out.
Comfortable, but not so much that it becomes indifferent.

And there it is: the closet fangirl, unleashed.

I wish these guys actually existed.
oh mj ilu

(and i am not always an emo kid)

wait - they don't love you like i love you.
I'm hooked.

I watched the '95 Pride and Prejudice BBC miniseries (!).
Pretty good, but kind of draggy.
Colin Firth was squeal-worthy if you discounted the sideburns,
except that being Mr Darcy
(i.e. the token brooding hero)
didn't really give him a chance to say much.
(HEE but those glances across the room were scorching.)

I think this is the first time I can truly say
that I love my class.
We have so much fun being last-minuted and everything
and coming up with too many quotable quotes to count.

EXCO interviews were last tuesday;
Mr C was reallyREALLY encouraging/nice
(ulterior motives, anyone?)
and his words are eating at me.

I think I am screwing up T2 SL I/C-ship.
It hurts that I can't blame it on anyone else.

(and you know what,
I've successfully gone and dragged myself into a rut again.
Must be some sort of record.)
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